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How To Let Go of Negativity Between You and Your Friend


friendshipIf you want your day to go great then start it off with saying only positive spells and positive affirmations. Avoid any spells that might involve negative thinking or thoughts. This is another great way to make sure that your day goes great.

When you do spells of negativity then it can come back fast and when you least expect it. Avoiding those types of spells is always the best thing to do and more so if you are new in learning how to do spells. Remember, whatever you give out then you will get back so if you wish someone ill will or send negative thoughts towards someone then you will be opening up the door for you to receive the same thing.

Sending out spells of negativity can not only hurt the other person but it can also hurt you in many ways. Instead of thinking bad thoughts towards the other person try to first meditate and calm down. It might be difficult to calm down if you are angry but picture all of the negativity falling down to the earth and not returning. Cleanse your aura of any negative colors and cleanse the other person’s aura of negative colors. Picture them with having a beautiful aura. Forgive them for the anger and hurt that they might have caused you. Meditate and picture the two of you bonding together once again and the friendship becoming strong again.

Letting go might be difficult to do sometimes but once you let go and move on then you might be surprised as to all of the positive things that just might happen.

Some Tips On Writing Spells

book of shadows

book of shadowsWhen you write your first spell it can be exciting and also you might find yourself nervous trying to make the spell perfect. The more you do it, the less nervous you’ll become and the easier things will get for you and soon, writing spells will become natural. If you are new to writing spells then here are a couple of tips for you to help you with writing spells.

Try to start off small. Overwhelming yourself with a big spell might make the process even more complicated for you and things could go wrong because of it. Starting off small is the best way to help with calming down your nerves and you have a higher chance of succeeding with the spell. Later on, you can advance to bigger spells but until then starting off small is always the best.

Before doing the spell try meditating and calming yourself down. If you are nervous about the spell say positive affirmations and try to calm down before doing it so that way your emotions won’t distract you when you are performing the spell. If the nerves continue then you might want to consider doing another spell because that spell might not be the best one for you to try.

Study and learn about the tools you are using and correspondences. This is the best way to make sure that you are doing everything properly. Don’t just focus on learning about the correspondences only but study and learn as much as you can about the tools you use in the spells, candles and just study everything in general to help you with getting better at writing spells.


There are times when you might make mistakes when writing spells. Don’t let that stop you from doing them. Just learn from your mistakes and continue to practice and remember that practice is extremely important. Always think positive when you’re doing a spell and have confidence that things will work out accordingly. Don’t forget to always record and write your spells down in your Book of Shadows.

The Incense Wishing Spell


Smoke_on_Incense_stick-178781afThis spell should be done during the waxing or either when it’s a full moon. It’s a very simple spell to help with getting something that you desire.

Here are the things that you will need to do it:

A Incense Burner (Or you can use either a stick of incense) it can be the incense of your choice

Before doing this, try and meditate. Think positive about what you want to have. Picture it happening. Think good thoughts about the situation. In your mind try to cover as many details as possible. Rethink it over and over again until you find yourself in a state of knowing it will for sure happen.

When you are meditating say this chant:

Magic herbs burn in fire, please I ask of thee, bring to me the desire’s of my heart. So Mote it be.

Repeat the chant 3x and each time, continue picturing what you want.

The next day continue to say positive affirmations about what you want to have and just know that it will happen.

How To Rekindle a Friendship That Is Lost


friendship-boy-and-girl-wallpaperLosing touch with a friend can be hard. You might find yourself really missing them and their friendship. Please note that this spell is not for romance but it’s for only friendship. You can easily rebuild the friendship that you have with this spell and reconnect with them.

Here is what you will need:

5 Red Rose Petals & 5 White Rose Petals

Sea Salt




Write down your full name on a paper and then write down your friends name and make sure to write the full name down if you know it. Take the salt that you have and your rose petals. You will need to dash some salt on top of the rose petals.

Start to inhale and take your index finger and point it to your paper, think of a memory that is pleasurable that both of you shared together. Repeat this:

“O Dominio, I call upon thee, angel of friendship,

Please, I ask you humbly to help let my friend and I meet again,

Give “Say your friends name” the strength to help with coming to see me,

Let them call me or text me or whatever way is best for us to communicate,

And let it rekindle our friendship and make it stronger then before

So mote it be”

Take your paper, fold it many times and then bury the paper underneath the foot of a tree that’s old.


Once you have completed the spell, have faith that the two of you will be rekindled. Say positive friendship affirmations and see yourself with them.

Forgive Me Chant Spell


forgivenessArguing with your friend or breaking up can hurt a great deal. If you want forgiveness then saying this chant will help you with rekindling the friendship. When you are saying this chant; picture them forgiving you and the friendship being rekindled once again and stronger than ever before.

Chant these words:

“I’m sorry if I ever hurt you. I didn’t mean to do what I did, please I promise I will let you choose what you would actually want and let it be done that way. Will you please forgive me? My friend? “ So mote it be.

Say it until you feel peace in your heart. You can light a white candle to help with your meditation.

You can also say positive forgiveness affirmations to help you out with the process. Just know that everything will be alright and have faith that things will work out just fine. Blessed Be.


New Affirmations for The New Year


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaking New Year’s Resolutions is a great way to start off the New Year but one thing that you should do along with making New Year’s Resolutions is also to make new and positive affirmations for the New Year. Affirmations can help with breaking the cycle of negative thoughts and you can replace it with concepts that can empower you in a lot of ways.

Saying new affirmations can be a great way to help with changing the pattern for the New Year and it can even help with changing behavior. If you start off with thinking that you can’t do your New Year’s resolution then, you are perhaps right. What you need to do is know that you can do your New Year’s resolution and think positive about it. Negative thinking about your resolution won’t break the cycle that you are on and the main way to overcome the cycle is with thinking positive.

When you say positive affirmations this means that you won’t be leaving room for any possible fear, doubt or even ambiguity. However, thinking negative about your situation will cause the door to stay open for all of those things to come in once again.

Once it comes time to write some new affirmations for the New Year remember that it helps to make them short and to keep them precise and clear. Picture the things that you only desire and want to have. When you’re picturing it tune out any negative thinking or thoughts about it because the moment just one negative thought slips in, that is when it cancels out your positive thinking and you’ll need to start it over again.

Here are some positive affirmations that might help you with your New Year’s goals:

I am fine and my New Year is fine.

I am healthy now and will continue to be throughout the year.

I am blessed now and will continue to be throughout the year.

Wonderful things are unfolding now and they will continue to unfold throughout the year.

Don’t forget as you are saying the affirmations along with your resolution to picture it happening and to stay confident that it will happen.


Just remember, anything is possible but first you must believe and have confidence in it.

Quick One liner Chant for Wisdom


wisdomThis is just a very simple one liner chant for wisdom. You can say it whenever you need some wisdom to help you out in your situation.

One liner Chant for Wisdom:

“Crone Goddess, Hecate, Please keep me completly whole and let thy wisdom completly fill up within my soul.”

When you’re saying it, picture yourself becoming wise in the situation you are in. See the wisdom flowing within you and see yourself able to do what you need. Feel free to repeat the one liner chant for wisdom 3x or more as needed. You can also light a white candle to help you with being able to concentrate more on the chant.


Think positive after you have said the chant and know that you have received the wisdom that you need. Whenever negative thoughts start coming back in again push them out right away and start saying the wisdom chant again and know, things will flow accordingly and help you out when needed.

A Hot Love Spell for Singles White Magic


Please note that this love spell is white magic and it’s only for a person who is single and would like to meet the love of their life. The best time to do this spell is during the week when there is a new moon. You will need to have a few ingredients before you do this spell.

Mint-teaLove Spell Ingredients:

Red Rose Petals

3 Yellow Candles

1 White Candle

1 Glass of Mint Tea

Here is the spell:

You will need to first cast your circle. After you cast your circle take the yellow candles and put them in a triangle that is in front of you. Take the white candle then put it in the middle. You will need to spread your rose petals all around you.

Recite this love spell incantation:

“Aphrodite, goddess of love, I invoke thee,

Aphrodite, goddess of love, I invoke thee, help me with finding my soul mate,

Aphrodite, goddess of love, I invoke thee, so I can overcome all the loneliness I have,

Such is my will so mote it be”

After you have said it then take your mint tea and drink it. Blow out your candles individually and first start with the white candle.

Collect all of your rose petals and then let them dry out for at least one week. Put them between two sheets of some aluminum foil. After two weeks is completed take them and scatter them in a nearby stream or river.


Once the spell is completed continue to have faith and picture yourself with your soul mate. Say positive affirmations and know in time your soul mate will come.

5 Magical Tools To Help You With Your Spells


pentagramWhen you are doing your spells sometimes it’s important that you have certain tools to help you with you are doing. These 5 magical tools happen to be just the simple ones you can get online or at your local store but they are worth investing because you never know when they might come in handy. You can use these tools at your altar or might can even use them when you are doing your meditation.

Let’s go over these 5 magical tools that can help you with your spells:

Paten or the Pentacle: This tool is one that you will find at an altar often times. It’s a magical symbol and will usually have something inscribed or engraved on it. It’s a symbol of earth and you can use it during the evocation of Earth.

Wand: The reason why a wand is often times at the altar is because it symbolizes the element of Air. There are other times when it might symbolize fire. You can make a wand with a variety of materials such as wood, rock and even metal.

Cauldron: The cauldron represents the womb of the Goddess and you will find it’s perfect to make brews or either oils in it. You can do many things with the cauldron. You can also find a variety of sizes for the cauldron anywhere from a small one to big ones so even if space is a problem you can get a small one and it’ll work the same.

Jewelry: There are some who use jewelry as a tool when they are doing a spell. Jewelry can be worn in rituals and during meditation. A pentagram necklace is extremely popular. However, you might also find rings, earrings and a variety of other jewelry related items.

wicca toolsAthame: People generally either use the athame or a sword to help them with their spells. These tools are used as a way to direct the energy for casting a magic circle and it can also help to control the spirits and it can be used for other ritual reasons.


Before doing a spell make sure that you have all of the right tools for it. Some tools can get expensive but then if you shop around you can find some cheap ones. Tools can make a huge difference when you’re doing a spell and you will notice it when you start to use them. It’s very important to get familiar with tools. You will find plenty of books that can help you such as the Simple Wiccan Magick Talismans and Witches Tools by Holly Zurich.

Increase Your Patience Spell and Affirmations


patience-is-a-virtuePatience is something that we might all struggle with having sometimes. Maybe you find yourself close to losing your patience at work or maybe even struggling with patience towards a friend or relationship. If you find yourself in need of patience then this spell might be able to help you. All you will need to simply do is repeat the chant below. Please note that this chant usually will just last for about 24 hours but if you do some ritual and also say positive affirmations about patience throughout the day then you will find that it will last longer.

Patience chant:

“I have now been greatly influenced

By seething the impatience

At this stage that I am going thru in my life now

Hereby do I find the tolerance

From today until tomorrow and from

Beginning until the end

May my patience persist

So mote it be”

Slow-turtle-practicing-patienceHere are some positive affirmations to also help to increase your patience:

I accept that sometimes there are things in life that just take longer than originally planned.

Every day I grow more patient with myself but also with others both with strangers and family and friends.

Every moment of each day I find myself becoming more and more patient.

I am as patient as the turtle.

I am patient at all times.

I am always patient with myself and also with others.

I am patient with myself even if I get stuck with something.

I am a forgiving person and tolerant.

Other Tips To Help Increase Your Patience

Doing meditation is a great way to increase your patience. Meditation can relieve stress and help you with staying calm.

Be sure to take breaks throughout the day if you are having to endure a stressful work day. Sometimes just walking away from the scene for a few minutes and saying affirmations about patience can really help you.

Wear calming colors.

Listen to music that will help you with calming down your nerves. Find meditation music online or either listen to the sound of the ocean waves and nature. Listening to extremely fast or music that might have angry words in them could not only make you impatient but also depressed so be sure to only listen to calming music.


Just remember that sometimes there are situations in life that just take time. Don’t try to make it go by faster. Whenever you find yourself getting impatient then now all you need to do is just say the chant or either one of the affirmations and you will be amazed as to how much it starts to help you throughout the day and evening.