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High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings


Persephone, the Corn Maiden, Isis and Artemis are all known as the High Priestess. She’s sitting right at the gate. Behind her is a mystery that is great and the Tree of Life confirms this because it’s in her background. Sitting between the light and darkness and also the pillars of Solomon’s Temple represent her which indicates that she is an important mediator with the passage that goes into the depths of reality and the robe she’s wearing is a great symbol of her knowledge which helps her on this passage. The crown is of the Triple Goddess and it’s the crown of Isis. She is associated with the planet Moon.

High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When upright the card represents serenity, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. She guards the unconscious. She is all about divine knowledge and understands the Universe. She helps to teach other people instead of controlling people that come to her.

Often times the High Priestess is a reminder that you need to follow your inner voice and trust it. Let your inner voice guide you. The High Priestess is all about spiritual enlightenment and listening to your inner voice can help you at this time in many ways. She is linked to the mind in a subconscious way. The way she is connected can often times only be accessed by symbols and dreams and this is another way you should follow your intuition and dreams. There might be areas in your current situation and life that might need more wisdom or foresight. You won’t know how to fix what needs fixing by intellect nor by logic but instead, you will be able to fix your situation with just simply following your inner voice and listening to it.

If you are a male and get this card then you might need to start paying attention more to your female side and learn from it and grow. If you are a female and get this card, then you need to start trusting yourself more and follow your intuition.

High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

If the tarot card shows up as reversed in your reading then that means you need to listen to your inner intuition and voice more. You might want to consider taking time out and doing some meditation and reflect upon the things happening in your life so you can listen to your inner voice.  You will find that deep within you there are some answers that you need to know and you can only access those answers by listening to your inner voice and possibly that might only happen when you meditate.

You might also be feeling as if you have lost connection your inner self when in the past you have considered yourself to be a person that is intuitive. This often times happen when you are busy and worrying about everything in an excessive unhealthy way. You might also find yourself focused more on other problems that people might be going through and not paying attention to the needs that you have in your own life. Take time out and do something for you such as meditation to help you during this time in your life.

Reversed, you might also be some other things going on in your life such as hidden agendas and possibly gossip that could be hurting you. Find out the truth about the situation you are in. Stand up for yourself and don’t let others beat around the bush with the information that they have about you.

Upright: having a mind that is of the subconscious level, mysterious, higher powers

Reversed: Listen more to the voice that is within, agendas might be hidden

The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

the fool

The Fool is one of the Major Arcana tarot cards. The number on the card is 0. The journey that the Fool is on has unlimited potentials but the question remains, is the Fool prepared and ready for the journey that is about to happen? He has all of the resources and tools needed but his bag remains unopened.  He is protected and this is confirmed by the dog that is following him everywhere. The dog in a way is his guardian and will help him to learn his lessons as he goes on the journey.

Upright Meaning of The Fool Tarot Card

When the card is upright that means the Fool is at full potential right now. He is innocent and new beginnings will be coming to the Fool. New goals might be accomplished and creativity is springing forth. Opportunities are waiting and almost anything could happen. The journey ahead is unknown and the territories remain uncharted. Personal growth will happen while experiencing the new journey. The fool has a life that is carefree and does not have any anxiety and worry.

The Fool also needs to make some choices and one of those choices might be extremely important and the Fool has to pick his choices out wisely. Follow your heart and believe in yourself if you are trying to face a certain decision.

If you have a lot of fear in your life then the Fool is a great card for you to mediate on. The reason why is because the Fool helps to enhance courage and also helps with being able to take risks in your life and open up new doors.

The Fool will always have no fear and be healthy and also whole. He is curious, filled with awe and wonder plus anticipation and is very excited about the journey he is on. He might have a strange approach to his life because his approach is unconventional. However, he always does what feels comfortable and doesn’t care about what others think. He has faith in all that he does.

Take that chance you have been thinking about doing and see what all might happen. Don’t let fear hold you back.

The Fool Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

When the Fool tarot card is reversed then it might mean and confirm that you need to take heed to your current actions on your journey. You might be just living in the current moment and not looking ahead and planning things out properly. You might find yourself acting in a way that is reckless. You could even find yourself wanting to become free and get out of the routine that might be normal and in doing so, you might find yourself completely disregarding the other people in your life.

The Fool is a card that when it’s reversed you should be aware of situations that you might going into that someone might take advantage of you or you might not understand all of the consequences that could happen because of the decisions that you have made. When offered a chance at something make sure to properly research before acting on it because if it sounds too good to be true, just remember that it might be. Be prepared when you go on job interviews and whenever you do presentations. Have everything ready so that way you won’t look foolish.

At work you might feel out of depth and out of place or might not have any idea as to what you’re doing. You feel the need for people to respect you at work.

If you’re in a relationship with someone right now it could mean that you might not feel sure as to what is going to happen in that relationship. It’s changeable and both of you might enjoy taking risks, which could be good and bad because it could cause you to also feel very insecure in the relationship.

Upright: a new start, innocence, having a spirit that is free

Reversed: foolish, takes risk and naivety

The Magician Tarot Card Meanings


Being associated with Mercury, the planet, the Magician is all about logic, skill plus intellect. Its number is one, which represents new beginnings. The Magician can hold a bridge right between the spirit world and the humanity world.

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When the Magician Tarot appears upright then that means you are at a point in your life when you can create new energies and a new cycle of life. Manifest the desires that you have from within. There is a possibility that you are in a current situation in your life which will help you with being able to go after the desires of your heart and manifest them. The desires might be anything related to the four elements involving the tarot. You are at a point right now to where things can happen because you have the ability to help make them happen for you at this time.

Your attitude is one of a “can do”. You will be successful at whatever you decide to do right now. You want to create and begin something that is new. Now, is a great time to go after that dream. The reason why is because the Magician card is a great omen and it can greatly help you with your concentration and awareness. Underline your intentions and your motives to help you with getting towards your goals and dreams.

Focus on one goal or either just one purpose at this time instead of several at a time. Be committed towards that goal and channel the energy that you have towards it. If you have many things going on it might break away your attention and focus and make it harder for you to achieve your dreams. Keep up the good work. The Magician card confirms you are on the right track. Just don’t become distracted with trying to focus on many things at once.

The Magician Card Reversed Tarot Meaning

If the Magician card comes up as reversed then this means deceit, greed and possible manipulation. It can also reflect confusion mentally, not being trust worthy enough and trickery.

This might also represent the used car salesman type. He might try to use the power and charm that he has in order to manipulate you and try to convince you of the type of view point he has. Try to always be careful when you’re around people like this. Always know what you are getting into and review everything carefully before you make a decision about something.

You also might be struggling and also having a hard time with being in touch with the current reality that you are in right now. You might need to meditate to help you with bringing yourself back on track again and come up with a plan that is clear. Meditation could also help you with the confusion you are experiencing and might also help you with becoming patient again. Let go and possibly free yourself with the situation that you are in now. What objectives do you have and how are you trying to focus your energy?

You have a lot of abilities and talents plus skills but they might not be utilized at this time.  You feel as if you are good at something but might be struggling to feel as to what it is and feel as if you could give more then what you do at this time. Possibly, you already know what talents you have and might be struggling to accept them. Why are you not using those talents? How can you better yourself and change so that you can reach your full potential in life?

You might also find yourself wanting to pursues and go after a new spiritual journey. The path that you are on currently might not be meeting the needs that you have. Open yourself up to change and be ready to embrace it.

Upright: action, skill, powerful, resourcefulness and concentration

Reverse: Not planning things properly and manipulation


The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings


The Hermit is a major arcane card. The Hermit is a card that shows him standing alone on a mountain top holding a lantern in his right hand. Mountains also stand for growth, achievement and accomplishment. He is on a path picked by him and has a goal and committed to his goal of having awareness. It’s a spiritual card. The grey cloak stands for invisibility. Only the people who are willing to listen will understand the wisdom that the hermit can offer and share.

The Hermit Card in an Upright Position

When the hermit card is in an upright position it means that you are looking and seeking answers from within. You want to understand things and you want to understand more about life. You do not have any distractions from the world and can truly take this time to focus and strive towards your spiritual goals. Take this time to review the direction of your life, goals and see what changes might need to be made. Only focus on the ones who are worthy to hear from you and don’t waste your time on the ones who might not be worthy of what you say or ready.

Reversed Meaning of Hermit

If you get the Hermit card reversed this means that you are struggling with connecting to yourself spiritually. You need to meditate and focus more on yourself spiritually. Refresh yourself spiritually and take time out to do meditate and look into creating new goals. Search within your soul and pay attention to what your inner voice is saying to you. Rebuild your spiritual self. You might also be feeling alone and isolated temporarily. Don’t shut the family and friends that you have near you because of the dilemmas you might be in. Be mindful of their needs and what they might be experiencing right now.

If you are in a relationship then the Hermit might also mean that isolation might come that is not welcomed. One person could be feeling the need to withdraw but the other person in the relationship might want the connection to become deeper. Respect one anthers request for private space and also support each other when the time is right. Single people might be getting tired of always being alone and want to connect to someone at this time.

The Hermit:

Upright: alone, soul seeking, guidance from within and introspection

Reversed: withdrawal, being alone and isolation

The Sun of Trumps Tarot Card Meanings

The Sun Tarot Card, Thoth Deck

The Sun Tarot Card, Thoth DeckThe Sun is considered a major arcana card; forces which may potentially be more powerful than other cards in the minor arcana. Each major arcana card represents a force or sphere of influence prevalent somewhere in the universes entirety.

The image of the Sun is all about fulfillment and optimism. It follows the darkest hours during the night. The Sun itself, represents life.

Sun of Trumps Tarot Card Meanings Upright

When the sun Is upright it represents abundance, success and radiance. It is a confirmation of strength. Wherever you go, it represents joy and happiness. People come to you and feel drawn because you help them with seeing the bright side of life and you bring warmth into their life.

When times are difficult then the warm and beautiful energy is what you will feel during hard times and this helps to confirm that you will succeed even when you are struggling. Life feels good to you right now. You are near to achieving the goals that you have. If you have been struggling then the darkest hours are over and you are about to come out strong. The sun will illuminate the path that you are on.

When the sun comes up then that means it is followed by luck and enthusiasm. It also means success and having a consciousness that is positive. This card is also very energetic. You feel as if enthusiasm is just bursting from within. You have a good sense of health and feel invigorated towards life.

Simplicity is what you’re all about right now. There’s no need to do a lot of scheming that is not required. Keep things simple and plain so you can shine. Experience the liberation and the freedom while you can right now. Enjoy reading books outside or get back into nature and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. You will be able to see the path in front of you very clear. You feel enlightened. Despite the hardship that you have been enduring, you have made it and now feel stronger and understand things on a new level.

Reversed Meaning of the Sun of Trumps

When the Sun card is reversed then setbacks might be overwhelming you right now. You don’t feel enthusiastic about life at the moment and might even be feeling sad, depressed and possibly left out. You might feel reluctant with proceeding on the path that you are on. However, even though it is reversed, it is still the Sun Card and so just remember, the situation that you are in is just temporary and in time, you will come out even stronger than before.

Try to be realistic about life. Don’t become too positive about the things going on. What do you want to achieve and is it really achievable in your life right now? You might also need to bring some attention and also some energy from within to help you with coming out of difficult situations.

The Sun energy and light, new beginnings, The way is shown, Positive energy

A Quick Warmth Spell For When You Feel Cold


fpshHave you ever had a day or several days in a row to where it seems like you can never warm up? Did you know that there are spells that you can do to help you with warming up? The best part is this warmth spell is very simple to do and you don’t need anything with you in order to do it.

Before you start this spell find a place that you can meditate at and ideally, it should be in a room where there is no noise.

Start focusing on the heat and feeling warm all over your body.

Say this:

“Fire burning in the day and also the night, please give me the warmth my body needs and give me the light. So Mote It Be“

Repeat this until you start feeling the warmth from it. The more you repeat this simple chant then the warmer you will feel.

How To Call On A Fairy


tinkerbell-the-fairyLearning fairy magic is not something that is easy to do. This is one of those things that requires a great deal of practice and patience. When you are learning how to do fairy magic you will need to know all about the limitations of the fairy and you will also need to meet the fairy.

Remember that each fairy has its own unique magic and they are all special. Pixies can be extremely beautiful and trolls can help with guarding the money but sometimes fairies are needed because of the special powers that they have.

If you want to learn fairy magic and would like to possibly see a fairy then say this:

“Fairy children, please come tonight and play with us, brightest blessings to the fairy. Come and worship with us tonight. Bless this rite and celebrate with us tonight”.

Say it 3x and picture the fairies coming and joining with you to celebrate.


Have faith that you will see the fairies and build their trust after you meet them. Building their trust is the key to because a lot of fairies don’t trust people easily. Always be respectful of them and kind. Enjoy your special relationship with your fairy after you meet them.

How To Send Healing Powers To Your Pet


animal_13If your pet is sick and not feeling good then you can send healing powers to your pet and help them feel better. You can do a spell on your pet to help them get well but sending healing powers can be just as powerful.

How To Send Healing Powers To Your Pet

Picture all of the sickness and negative energy that your pet has currently and picture it leaving your pets body and flowing back to the earth. Visualize your pet with beautiful aura colors around it. Focus on positive thoughts towards your pet. Keep seeing all of the sickness leave their body and flow back to earth never to return again.

Say these words:

“Goddess, please, with your love and healing touch,

Bless our pet that we love so very much.

God, we know that the beasts is your domain,

Please, remove the sickness and heal the pain.

So mote it be!”

Continue to picture your pet being healed and say positive affirmations about your pet throughout the day.


Don’t delay seeing the vet if your pet is really sick but still, even when you go to the vet or make an appointment saying positive thoughts and sending healing energies can help with making your pet feel better faster.

A Spell To Let Go of Your Baggage

how to let go of baggage

There are times in life when you have baggage that you just want to get rid of and the best time to get rid of that baggage is when there is a new moon. When you let go of the baggage in your life then you will start to feel much better and will feel the release from within. In order to let go of the baggage there are a few ingredient you will need to get first.




Black Candle


Paper Bag That Is Empty


Think about the things that you want to get rid of and write down the baggage on your paper. When you are writing these things down then picture yourself with the willingness to actually let go of them and concentrate on it. Visualize yourself with a bag that is packed and then walking out and going down a road and completely letting go of all your baggage. Once you have finished writing all of it down then put it in the envelope.

Say this chant:

how to let go of baggage“Pack your bags now and get you gone out of my life

Your time is finished completely with me now

Once you did work but you are in the wrong now

And you cannot stay here no way and no how”

“Without the baggage you have, I am moving on,

I’ll get out of this rut you put me in

So take your bags and pack them and get you gone

Don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you leave.”

So mote it be.

When the spell is complete then bury your envelope/bag or either throw it in the fireplace and continue to see things being released from you.


Think positive and know that when the door closes a new one will open.

How To Dream of Your Soul Mate Spell


86934498-woman-dreamingThere are times when you want to know who your soul mate might be in life. If you find yourself longing to know who your soul mate is then this spell is exactly what you need because you will dream about your soul mate. There are a few simple ingredients that you will need to first get:


3 almonds

Milk or either almond milk

3 raisins

Teaspoon of honey


Take your almonds and raisins; put them right underneath your pillow before sleeping. Drink a nice cup of warm milk right before bed and make sure to add in the teaspoon of honey. Say the following words:

“Spirits of Union and angels of love,

Please, I ask of thee, bring a vision to me tonight,

Within my dream, allow me to see,

My soul mate when the timing is right,

So mote it be”


Info about the ingredients

The reason why almonds are used in this spell is because they represent fertility, compassion and wisdom plus prosperity. Almonds are generally great to use in certain spells for money, love and success.

Honey represents sweet success with both your social life and home plus your soul mate.

Raisins help to speed up the process of seeing your soul mate.


Think positive about seeing your soul mate in your dream. When you wake up write down everything that you remember so when you meet up with your soul mate in real life you will be able to go back and look to see how everything was accurate in your dream.