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A Hot Love Spell for Singles White Magic

Please note that this love spell is white magic and it’s only for a person who is single and would like to meet the love of their life. The best time to do this spell is during the week when there is a new moon. You will need to have a few ingredients before you […]

Increase Your Patience Spell and Affirmations

Patience is something that we might all struggle with having sometimes. Maybe you find yourself close to losing your patience at work or maybe even struggling with patience towards a friend or relationship. If you find yourself in need of patience then this spell might be able to help you. All you will need to […]

How To Rekindle A Lost Friendship Spell

Losing touch with certain friends can be hard. If you are trying to figure out how you can reconnect with a friend then this is the spell you need. However, this is not the type of spell you should use for a romance that is lost. This spell is only focused on rekindling friendship that […]

A Simple Yet Strong Motivation Spell Chant

Have you ever struggled with getting motivated to do a project? Maybe you might even just have problems with getting motivated to wake up and get a move on. This motivation spell chant is a simple one but yet at the same time it is also very strong. When you are doing this spell think […]

A Spell To Create Opportunity

Sometimes it can be hard waiting for that opportunity to come around that we need and other times we might not get it at all. This spell is to help push you towards the right direction with creating the opportunity that you need. Please note you will need a few items before you begin the […]

Spell for Professional Success

You can use this white magic spell for a few reasons such as getting a job, starting a brand new business and it can even help you with becoming successful in the business you are currently in. The spell is white magic but it does require a few special magical ingredients to help with making […]

Mirror Glamour Spell

There are times when looking beautiful and stunning is just a must. Doing a spell to help you with changing your appearance might be the thing that you need. You should do this spell during a waxing moon. After you do the spell always repeat it after every 13 days for it to work. Here […]

3 Animal Protection Spells

It’s important that you protect your animal correctly. It doesn’t matter if they stay in with you or go out often. When you put a protection spell around them then you will feel much more at ease about whatever they do because you know they are safe and protected because of your spell. Here are […]

A Spell To Bring Abundance In Your Life

There are times when we might need to do something extra to help with bringing abundance in our life and one great way is with doing a spell. Sometimes these abundance spells work fast and other times the spells work slow but always think positive when you do the spell regardless as to how long […]

Free Wicca Weight Loss Spell

It can be very difficult losing weight. There are lots of reasons as to why a person might want to even lose weight but often times it’s to help with getting in those pair of jeans that you couldn’t fit into last year but other times it might even be related to health problems. There […]