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5 Magical Tools To Help You With Your Spells

When you are doing your spells sometimes it’s important that you have certain tools to help you with you are doing. These 5 magical tools happen to be just the simple ones you can get online or at your local store but they are worth investing because you never know when they might come in […]

Goddess Venus and Beauty Spells

If you want to do beauty spells or love spells then you might want to call upon Goddess Venus. One thing to know is that if you travel often you will notice that she appears on many statues from around the world and can even be found on romantic greeting cards. Goddess Venus was in […]

How You Can Get Started In Wicca

One question that you see asked a lot is “how can I get started in Wicca?” but even though the question is asked a lot the answer is not simple. You just don’t go in a place and fill out applications to begin your journey. Instead, what you should be doing is thinking about a […]