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The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meanings

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is a Norse God known as Odin. His main quest is to earn the Runes knowledge and that is why he is hanging from the World Tree for exactly 9 days. His quest is all about seeking the truth from within. This card is all about surrendering yourself ultimately and breaking old habits and patterns which might restrict what you do right now.

The Hanged Man Up Right Tarot Card Meaning

When the hanged man is facing up right in a tarot reading then you might find yourself postponing decisions or either actions. If there is any decision making that needs to be done, stalling yourself on making those could end up helping you instead of hurting you. Take time to look at the situation at hand and consider all of the outcomes of the situation. Waiting might be exactly what you need to do in order to help with gaining order in your life again.

You might also feel restricted or stuck in your life right now. Meditate and find out why you are feeling this way right now. If you are feeling restricted then release yourself from those feelings. The hanged man is also about freeing yourself and letting go and sometimes the best way to do this is with accepting your situation and then letting go.

Hanged Man Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the hanged man is reversed then you need to look within yourself more and find another perspective in your life. You might feel as if u are trying to sacrifice a lot but without getting much in return and it could make you feel extremely tired because of it. Your dreams and goals have been put on hold and you feel as if you are not moving forward in your life right now or might even be moving backwards.

A decision needs to be made and you keep putting it off. You hope that in time it will work out but it won’t and putting this off will just make it worse. You need to realize that while things might have been going great at one point, there are problems happening right now and you cannot rush them with getting them fixed but you also don’t want things to be put on hold from it.

You might also be struggling with your faith right now and this is another reason as to why meditation might be important for you to do. When you meditate, look deep within and this will help with restoring the faith that you have and bring peace back into your life.

Upright: restricted, sacrifice, waiting and letting go

Reversed: delay, restless, tired, martyrdom, lack of faith

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