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Justice Tarot Card Meanings


The Justice Tarot card is all about laws but it deals with the laws that you would not find that apply to mankind. The Sword of Justice is a double edged sword and punishment might be waiting for the ones who have been done wrong or either rewarded for the ones who have done good. The cause and effect law come into play with this card. Whatever actions you do in life will somehow have some sort of effect.

Justice Tarot Card Upright Meaning

When the Justice Tarot card is upright than fairness and justice comes into play.  You will be judged for your actions accordingly but do not fear. The upright Justice card is good and confirms that things will work out for you in time.

The Justice card is a good reminder that even though things might work out good for you now all of your actions in time will have an effect in some way and that you should learn a lesson that the future actions you do might change your situation in life. You need to always be honest and extend the honesty to other people.

Justice is also all about the truth in a situation. Be objective right now and try not to just hear what other people might have to say. Follow your heart and be fair when it’s needed.

There is something going on in your life that requires a decision which needs to be made. You might need to give that something either meditation or attention or even a possible solution to help you with making that decision. If you’re unsure about the decision, meditate first.

Justice Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

When the Justice Tarot card comes up as reversed then this means you have been dishonest to not only yourself but also to other people. You need to start living up to the situation going on in your life and be honest about it. Things can change and get better in time after you have learned and take responsibility for what is going on right now in your life.

If you’re involved in a legal situation right now the outcome might be unfair and you could end up disputing it. You might find yourself with a lot of complications legally and the whole process might cause you to question the legal system.

Take time out to meditate on your life and see how you can stop judging others in your life unfairly. Give people a chance in life when needed. The opinions you have right now might be biased because others have swayed you and this is why meditation is important right now because it can help to put things in the right prospective for you and open your eyes.

Upright: cause and effect, truth, justice, good

Reversed: not truthful, lying, biased

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