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The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings


The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card is a card which is all about success, growth and opportunity plus expansion. It’s a card of the planet Jupiter and it’s symbolic of a lot of incredible meanings. It’s a major arcane card.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Upright Meaning

Things always go in cycles and the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card confirms that it does. Sometimes the cycles might be either good or bad and at times even extremely challenging and difficult. However, there will soon come a time in your life that things will slow down and not be as hard. You’ll be able to start focusing on fun and a lot of your stress will leave.

There is a lesson that comes with the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card and that is you need to accept the ups and all of the downs that happen in life. Learn from them and grow. The bad times might be just the thing that help to provide all of the good times that you have coming. When the good times happen then enjoy them and let it be at time to strengthen you. When things might be at a real low point in your life, this card suggests that to not give up but that things will get better for you.

Don’t just stand still and take what all you get in life. Work towards trying to improve your current situation and see what all you can make out of it. It can be easy to get tired and want to give up during adversity but don’t become discouraged. It’s natural to experience adversity in life but what’s important is how you grow from it and conquer the problems that you have at hand.

Remember, what goes around comes around and that you are at a point in your life where things might start looking up again and that you might even witness miracles or either have a series of events that take place which make you feel extremely fortunate. This is a good reminder to always stay positive even when times are down.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

Luck is currently not on your side right now. Events have been changing and favor is not on your side and it might even seem as if it is on the worst for you right now. You feel powerless and helpless. Take the time out right now to think about all of your circumstances in life which happen to be unfortunate and outside of your current control. How can you improve your current situation? There might be current setbacks but try to learn from them so you won’t repeat the same problems again.

There might also be a change happening which is feeling forced upon you right now or you might be resistant to it. This could cause a great deal of stress for you. Take time out to meditate more and try to see what all you can do to help with being able to accept the change going on right now.

Upright: karma, good luck, a point in your life that will be turning for the better, destiny

Reversed: feeling out of control, bad luck, external forces that are negative seem to be working, not a good time to gamble or play games.

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