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Strength Tarot Card Meanings


A lot of people are often times mislead when they see the Strength tarot card meaning show up in the card. They think it refers to the physical body but it does not and so it’s important to keep that In mind when this card comes up in the reading. This is a Major Arcana card that’s all about feelings, beliefs and ideas. Strength is not about what all you can lift up or either how fast you might be able to run but it’s about your character and how much you can control your emotions and rise above your emotions.

Strength Tarot Card Meanings Upright Meaning

When this card is reversed it means that you pay attention to the way others feel and give the space that they need. You can forgive easily and happen to be very accepting. You can influence other people in a gently way and the environment you have created around you is trusting and safe. You can coax other people to the way that you think and persuade them in a soft way.

You can control the situations around you easily regardless as to how tough the situation might be right now. Enlightenment comes when the time is eventually right. You cannot rush enlightenment and when it comes, you’ll be amazed as to what all happens and follows. Strength is also a card that serves as a gentle reminder that you should be patient and might need to withdraw for the time being. Whatever happens, you will have a lot of endurance to help you with overcoming the task at hand but it’s best to not rush the situation.

Strength Tarot Card Meanings Reversed

When the strength tarot card is reversed then it shows weakness. You might have a lot of questions about your journey and rather if you are headed in the right direction or not. Courage is something that you are lacking right now. You might feel vulnerable and inadequate. These feelings only exist just to you and you are not in tune right now with your inner strength so, try to reconnect and meditate to help you with getting back to it.

You find yourself doubting things right now and might struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem. You find yourself not taking the lead and becoming possibly dependent on how others feel and their actions. Now is the time to step up and become the leader that you need to be and free yourself from any self-doubt that you have.

Aggression could be something else that you might be going through right now and might want to consider anger management courses or doing meditation to help with calming down inside right now. Meditation might be the key to many things in your life right now to help with bringing back the balance that you need to find that inner strength.

Upright: control, courage, strength, compassion and patience

Reversed: doubting yourself, weakness, not having enough discipline

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