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The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings


Gemini is the sign that is associated with the Lovers card. The figures in the card are both protected and blessed from the angel that’s in the card. Raphael is the angel of Air and he’s the one that is protecting them.  A relationship that’s healthy is often associated with Raphael. The sun is shining over both of them and that helps to bring in both security and warmth.

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When the Lovers tarot card is upright, it represents harmony, mutual attractiveness and perfection. The two lovers have created a bond that is very strong and often times reflects marriage or either being involved in a close relationship with someone. The attraction between each other is extremely strong in a lot of ways.

You are also clear about the values you have and you stand up for right is right. You can establish a belief system then decide for yourself the important things in life. You will need to try to be genuine and authentic during this time.

You could also be faced with a dilemma during this time that will cause you to make some type of decision or action. You will need to decide what is the perfect move for you to make and sometimes what might look negative could end up being something positive later on. Are you on the right path? Ask yourself questions before deciding.

Sometimes the lovers card also indicates the fact you could need to decide between the moral higher ground or the lower moral ground. Take all of the consequences into consideration before you decide to act upon your decision. Sometimes the choices are not very obvious or easy.

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

Review the consequences in your life right now because you are trying to avoid taking responsibility for them. You rushed into the decision for receiving instant gratification which has ended up hurting you. Try and make amends if you can but if not then you might just need to let it go, learn from it and move on.

During this time you might even find yourself in a battle with yourself and having inner struggles and conflicts. Difficulty and disharmony is making life even harder for you right now. You could be punishing yourself or feeling responsible for something that you’ve done. Stay focused, meditate, learn from your mistakes, seek help from a mentor and try your best to let go of your mistakes.

In a relationship it indicates imbalance. You might consider going through counseling together to help you with being able to balance things properly. Both of you have different visions and dreams for the future. Are you really suppose to be together? Counseling could help with answering those questions.

Try and get things balanced properly fast before they get out of control. You might need to work hard on this but it could be what saves your relationship.

This is a major arcane card and drawing energy and attention from within can help you right now.

Upright: choices, relationships, love, value alignment and union

Reversed: imbalance, disharmony, values misaligned

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