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The Emperor Tarot Card Meanings


The Emperor is all about the domination of your mind and sometimes it shows that it’s dominating over the mind instead of the heart and that’s not always something that you want but there are sometimes to where it’s welcomed and even necessary. When this card shows up then it’s all about hard choices that must be made. It’s important to concentrate and focus during this time even if it might be hard. The Emperor represents the world that is of structure and regulated. It’s important to balance both body and mind.

The Emperor also offers wisdom, advice and guidance to other people. He demonstrates authority and people look to him for authority and advice. He has the attitude of been there and he’s done that and people respect him for it. He tries hard to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. When there is chaos, he Is able to create order. He’s a strategic and systematic thinker.

If you are single you might find yourself falling in love with a person that is older than what you are right now. The person might be attracted to logic, order plus organization. If you are already in a relationship then your relationship will grow if you are persistent and patient.

The Emperor might even represent self control and power. You might soon be having discussions involving profit sharing and management.

The Emperor Reversed Meaning

When the Emperor is reversed then that means there is a chance you could be abusing the authority of power that is around you right now. The card suggests that you might be rigid with thinking and domineering and possibly insecure.

Reversed, it also shows that you might be feeling possibly powerless. Freedom right now only comes from structures and it’s not a good time to rebel. Try your best to take control of the events going on in your life and try to logically work on them instead of rebelling against them.

You might also need to take some time out In order to help with growing spiritually. When you don’t focus on logic and reason then your spirit might suffer from it in a lot of ways. Meditation can help you with being able to balance yourself properly. This is also a Major Arcana card and it shows that you need to try and focus with drawing energy from within.

Upright: Father Figure, Authority, Solid Foundation

Reversed: Rigidity, Excessive Control, Domination and Inflexibility

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