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Spell To Stop Smoking


Breaking a habit can be hard but even more so, when it comes to smoking because of the nicotine. This spell was designed to help you with being able to stop smoking.

Here are the things you will need to have:


Charcoal Disk



A Red and a Black Candle

Chili Powder

Empty Box of Cigs

A Bowl


How To Stop Smoking Spell Instructions

It is up to you as to if you want to cast a circle or not with this spell, but if you decide to do so, then do it first. This spell is best done during the lunar eclipse or either you can also do it in the waning moon phrase.

Light your red candle first then say “The color of red is strength and power. I have all of the strength and power it takes to stop smoking day by day and hour by hour.”

Next, take your black candle and light it and say “ Black helps to send the things away which are bad for me and it can help with making sure I have enough strength to stop smoking today.”

Take your cinnamon, chili powder and ginger then grind them until they appear to be powdery and take the charcoal disc and put it in a bowl and take the cinnamon mix and sprinkle it on top of the charcoal.

Take the cigarette box and start tearing it apart slowly without breaking off the cellophane and do it in pieces that are small. Once you start tearing up the paper then close your eyes and start to visualize all of the nicotine that you have in your body leaving it. See your lungs becoming healthy and pink again.

Put the pieces that you tore up in the bowl with the charcoal and light up the match and put it in so that way the cigarette box gets burnt with it. Don’t light it up too much just enough to burn it some. When it’s burning say “This habit has no control over me and therefore, I burn it. My addiction is now gone and I am forevermore, free from smoking.”

Take your sage, light it and smudge the work area that you did the spell in. This will help to cleanse yourself of any effects that you might also get from the habit and will help with freeing your soul and body completely from the addiction.

Smudge the bowl that has the cigarettes and say “Within me, I have the strength and I have no doubt whatsoever, that I am free from smoking. The air is now cleansed with this sage.”

Meditate and know that you do not need that habit anymore neither psychologically nor physically. You are free from it.

Let the candles try to burn out by themselves if possible.


After doing this spell, think positive and daily see yourself free from smoking.

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