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The Empress Tarot Card Meanings


The Empress is a tarot card of the Archetypal Earth Mother, the Feminine Principle, the Anima, the Goddess of Fertility, Freyja and Demeter. She is ruled by Venus, fertility, the planet of love, beauty, luxury, grace, harmony and creativity.

Upright Tarot Card Meaning of the Empress

When the Empress is upright, then that means a connection of the femininity is deep. This can translate in a variety of ways being creative, sensuality, beauty and fertility and could even be connected with nurturing, which this balance is vital for both women and men. When the Empress card comes up then that means that all energy that is feminine, you should try and create with it. You might need to create more beauty in life. Meditate and try to get in touch with your sensuality by touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.

You might also need to give yourself a treat at the spa, with having a great dinner or maybe just a massage. Spend some value time with your partner. You might want to consider learning new ways to help you with being able to express yourself creativity. A new hobby could be exactly what you need at this time.

The Empress card might also show birth or even indicate possible pregnancy. Sometimes it might also represent a new product, or a new idea that you are giving birth to or even a new way of life or being. There might be new projects and ideas coming to you that will be successful.

Spending time with nature right now could greatly benefit you. Try to go on a nice hike or connect with nature by just going outside for a few minutes. You’ll be amazed as to what can come about and happen when you connect to Mother Earth. You’ll start feeling refreshed.

This is also a card that is all about caring and nurturing. Mothers might be exploring the mother role that they have. You are very blessed. Fathers, if this card comes up for you then you might be trying to help with nurturing your child and this shows that the communication between you and your child is good and positive and encourage them to grow and develop.

Things will start working out in your favor very soon. People might start blessing you and you could feel nurtured. Accept the feelings and know that you are worthy of this and embrace the love that you are receiving.

Empress Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

When the Empress tarot card is reversed then that means you are possibly struggling with a loss of power that is personal and might be putting a lot of emphasis on material needs or either someone else’s emotional needs. This means that you are possibly neglecting your own needs. Introspection might be required because you might find yourself having a hard time with work and not being able to cooperate.

In relationships, you might feel as if you are challenged right now and that you have locked up your feelings inside and need to share them. Talk with your partner and tell them how you feel. You might also need to gain some dependence from your partner. The relationships in your past might have you struggling with being able to fully love and trust the person that you are with now. You could be doubting the inner beauty that you have and might be losing the inspiration for being able to create beautiful and relationships that are loving. You might want to consider therapy and meditation to help you with being able to overcome this so your relationship can survive.

You could also be straining the relationship you are in. Meditate and try to make sure that you are not smothering anyone or being too demanding.

Upright: fertility, abundance, nature, beauty

Reversed: being dependant on other people and having a creative block

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