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High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings


Persephone, the Corn Maiden, Isis and Artemis are all known as the High Priestess. She’s sitting right at the gate. Behind her is a mystery that is great and the Tree of Life confirms this because it’s in her background. Sitting between the light and darkness and also the pillars of Solomon’s Temple represent her which indicates that she is an important mediator with the passage that goes into the depths of reality and the robe she’s wearing is a great symbol of her knowledge which helps her on this passage. The crown is of the Triple Goddess and it’s the crown of Isis. She is associated with the planet Moon.

High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When upright the card represents serenity, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. She guards the unconscious. She is all about divine knowledge and understands the Universe. She helps to teach other people instead of controlling people that come to her.

Often times the High Priestess is a reminder that you need to follow your inner voice and trust it. Let your inner voice guide you. The High Priestess is all about spiritual enlightenment and listening to your inner voice can help you at this time in many ways. She is linked to the mind in a subconscious way. The way she is connected can often times only be accessed by symbols and dreams and this is another way you should follow your intuition and dreams. There might be areas in your current situation and life that might need more wisdom or foresight. You won’t know how to fix what needs fixing by intellect nor by logic but instead, you will be able to fix your situation with just simply following your inner voice and listening to it.

If you are a male and get this card then you might need to start paying attention more to your female side and learn from it and grow. If you are a female and get this card, then you need to start trusting yourself more and follow your intuition.

High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

If the tarot card shows up as reversed in your reading then that means you need to listen to your inner intuition and voice more. You might want to consider taking time out and doing some meditation and reflect upon the things happening in your life so you can listen to your inner voice.  You will find that deep within you there are some answers that you need to know and you can only access those answers by listening to your inner voice and possibly that might only happen when you meditate.

You might also be feeling as if you have lost connection your inner self when in the past you have considered yourself to be a person that is intuitive. This often times happen when you are busy and worrying about everything in an excessive unhealthy way. You might also find yourself focused more on other problems that people might be going through and not paying attention to the needs that you have in your own life. Take time out and do something for you such as meditation to help you during this time in your life.

Reversed, you might also be some other things going on in your life such as hidden agendas and possibly gossip that could be hurting you. Find out the truth about the situation you are in. Stand up for yourself and don’t let others beat around the bush with the information that they have about you.

Upright: having a mind that is of the subconscious level, mysterious, higher powers

Reversed: Listen more to the voice that is within, agendas might be hidden

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