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The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

the fool

The Fool is one of the Major Arcana tarot cards. The number on the card is 0. The journey that the Fool is on has unlimited potentials but the question remains, is the Fool prepared and ready for the journey that is about to happen? He has all of the resources and tools needed but his bag remains unopened.  He is protected and this is confirmed by the dog that is following him everywhere. The dog in a way is his guardian and will help him to learn his lessons as he goes on the journey.

Upright Meaning of The Fool Tarot Card

When the card is upright that means the Fool is at full potential right now. He is innocent and new beginnings will be coming to the Fool. New goals might be accomplished and creativity is springing forth. Opportunities are waiting and almost anything could happen. The journey ahead is unknown and the territories remain uncharted. Personal growth will happen while experiencing the new journey. The fool has a life that is carefree and does not have any anxiety and worry.

The Fool also needs to make some choices and one of those choices might be extremely important and the Fool has to pick his choices out wisely. Follow your heart and believe in yourself if you are trying to face a certain decision.

If you have a lot of fear in your life then the Fool is a great card for you to mediate on. The reason why is because the Fool helps to enhance courage and also helps with being able to take risks in your life and open up new doors.

The Fool will always have no fear and be healthy and also whole. He is curious, filled with awe and wonder plus anticipation and is very excited about the journey he is on. He might have a strange approach to his life because his approach is unconventional. However, he always does what feels comfortable and doesn’t care about what others think. He has faith in all that he does.

Take that chance you have been thinking about doing and see what all might happen. Don’t let fear hold you back.

The Fool Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

When the Fool tarot card is reversed then it might mean and confirm that you need to take heed to your current actions on your journey. You might be just living in the current moment and not looking ahead and planning things out properly. You might find yourself acting in a way that is reckless. You could even find yourself wanting to become free and get out of the routine that might be normal and in doing so, you might find yourself completely disregarding the other people in your life.

The Fool is a card that when it’s reversed you should be aware of situations that you might going into that someone might take advantage of you or you might not understand all of the consequences that could happen because of the decisions that you have made. When offered a chance at something make sure to properly research before acting on it because if it sounds too good to be true, just remember that it might be. Be prepared when you go on job interviews and whenever you do presentations. Have everything ready so that way you won’t look foolish.

At work you might feel out of depth and out of place or might not have any idea as to what you’re doing. You feel the need for people to respect you at work.

If you’re in a relationship with someone right now it could mean that you might not feel sure as to what is going to happen in that relationship. It’s changeable and both of you might enjoy taking risks, which could be good and bad because it could cause you to also feel very insecure in the relationship.

Upright: a new start, innocence, having a spirit that is free

Reversed: foolish, takes risk and naivety

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