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The Magician Tarot Card Meanings


Being associated with Mercury, the planet, the Magician is all about logic, skill plus intellect. Its number is one, which represents new beginnings. The Magician can hold a bridge right between the spirit world and the humanity world.

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When the Magician Tarot appears upright then that means you are at a point in your life when you can create new energies and a new cycle of life. Manifest the desires that you have from within. There is a possibility that you are in a current situation in your life which will help you with being able to go after the desires of your heart and manifest them. The desires might be anything related to the four elements involving the tarot. You are at a point right now to where things can happen because you have the ability to help make them happen for you at this time.

Your attitude is one of a “can do”. You will be successful at whatever you decide to do right now. You want to create and begin something that is new. Now, is a great time to go after that dream. The reason why is because the Magician card is a great omen and it can greatly help you with your concentration and awareness. Underline your intentions and your motives to help you with getting towards your goals and dreams.

Focus on one goal or either just one purpose at this time instead of several at a time. Be committed towards that goal and channel the energy that you have towards it. If you have many things going on it might break away your attention and focus and make it harder for you to achieve your dreams. Keep up the good work. The Magician card confirms you are on the right track. Just don’t become distracted with trying to focus on many things at once.

The Magician Card Reversed Tarot Meaning

If the Magician card comes up as reversed then this means deceit, greed and possible manipulation. It can also reflect confusion mentally, not being trust worthy enough and trickery.

This might also represent the used car salesman type. He might try to use the power and charm that he has in order to manipulate you and try to convince you of the type of view point he has. Try to always be careful when you’re around people like this. Always know what you are getting into and review everything carefully before you make a decision about something.

You also might be struggling and also having a hard time with being in touch with the current reality that you are in right now. You might need to meditate to help you with bringing yourself back on track again and come up with a plan that is clear. Meditation could also help you with the confusion you are experiencing and might also help you with becoming patient again. Let go and possibly free yourself with the situation that you are in now. What objectives do you have and how are you trying to focus your energy?

You have a lot of abilities and talents plus skills but they might not be utilized at this time.  You feel as if you are good at something but might be struggling to feel as to what it is and feel as if you could give more then what you do at this time. Possibly, you already know what talents you have and might be struggling to accept them. Why are you not using those talents? How can you better yourself and change so that you can reach your full potential in life?

You might also find yourself wanting to pursues and go after a new spiritual journey. The path that you are on currently might not be meeting the needs that you have. Open yourself up to change and be ready to embrace it.

Upright: action, skill, powerful, resourcefulness and concentration

Reverse: Not planning things properly and manipulation


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