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The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings


The Hermit is a major arcane card. The Hermit is a card that shows him standing alone on a mountain top holding a lantern in his right hand. Mountains also stand for growth, achievement and accomplishment. He is on a path picked by him and has a goal and committed to his goal of having awareness. It’s a spiritual card. The grey cloak stands for invisibility. Only the people who are willing to listen will understand the wisdom that the hermit can offer and share.

The Hermit Card in an Upright Position

When the hermit card is in an upright position it means that you are looking and seeking answers from within. You want to understand things and you want to understand more about life. You do not have any distractions from the world and can truly take this time to focus and strive towards your spiritual goals. Take this time to review the direction of your life, goals and see what changes might need to be made. Only focus on the ones who are worthy to hear from you and don’t waste your time on the ones who might not be worthy of what you say or ready.

Reversed Meaning of Hermit

If you get the Hermit card reversed this means that you are struggling with connecting to yourself spiritually. You need to meditate and focus more on yourself spiritually. Refresh yourself spiritually and take time out to do meditate and look into creating new goals. Search within your soul and pay attention to what your inner voice is saying to you. Rebuild your spiritual self. You might also be feeling alone and isolated temporarily. Don’t shut the family and friends that you have near you because of the dilemmas you might be in. Be mindful of their needs and what they might be experiencing right now.

If you are in a relationship then the Hermit might also mean that isolation might come that is not welcomed. One person could be feeling the need to withdraw but the other person in the relationship might want the connection to become deeper. Respect one anthers request for private space and also support each other when the time is right. Single people might be getting tired of always being alone and want to connect to someone at this time.

The Hermit:

Upright: alone, soul seeking, guidance from within and introspection

Reversed: withdrawal, being alone and isolation

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