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The Sun of Trumps Tarot Card Meanings

The Sun Tarot Card, Thoth Deck

The Sun Tarot Card, Thoth DeckThe Sun is considered a major arcana card; forces which may potentially be more powerful than other cards in the minor arcana. Each major arcana card represents a force or sphere of influence prevalent somewhere in the universes entirety.

The image of the Sun is all about fulfillment and optimism. It follows the darkest hours during the night. The Sun itself, represents life.

Sun of Trumps Tarot Card Meanings Upright

When the sun Is upright it represents abundance, success and radiance. It is a confirmation of strength. Wherever you go, it represents joy and happiness. People come to you and feel drawn because you help them with seeing the bright side of life and you bring warmth into their life.

When times are difficult then the warm and beautiful energy is what you will feel during hard times and this helps to confirm that you will succeed even when you are struggling. Life feels good to you right now. You are near to achieving the goals that you have. If you have been struggling then the darkest hours are over and you are about to come out strong. The sun will illuminate the path that you are on.

When the sun comes up then that means it is followed by luck and enthusiasm. It also means success and having a consciousness that is positive. This card is also very energetic. You feel as if enthusiasm is just bursting from within. You have a good sense of health and feel invigorated towards life.

Simplicity is what you’re all about right now. There’s no need to do a lot of scheming that is not required. Keep things simple and plain so you can shine. Experience the liberation and the freedom while you can right now. Enjoy reading books outside or get back into nature and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. You will be able to see the path in front of you very clear. You feel enlightened. Despite the hardship that you have been enduring, you have made it and now feel stronger and understand things on a new level.

Reversed Meaning of the Sun of Trumps

When the Sun card is reversed then setbacks might be overwhelming you right now. You don’t feel enthusiastic about life at the moment and might even be feeling sad, depressed and possibly left out. You might feel reluctant with proceeding on the path that you are on. However, even though it is reversed, it is still the Sun Card and so just remember, the situation that you are in is just temporary and in time, you will come out even stronger than before.

Try to be realistic about life. Don’t become too positive about the things going on. What do you want to achieve and is it really achievable in your life right now? You might also need to bring some attention and also some energy from within to help you with coming out of difficult situations.

The Sun energy and light, new beginnings, The way is shown, Positive energy

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