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How To Call On A Fairy


tinkerbell-the-fairyLearning fairy magic is not something that is easy to do. This is one of those things that requires a great deal of practice and patience. When you are learning how to do fairy magic you will need to know all about the limitations of the fairy and you will also need to meet the fairy.

Remember that each fairy has its own unique magic and they are all special. Pixies can be extremely beautiful and trolls can help with guarding the money but sometimes fairies are needed because of the special powers that they have.

If you want to learn fairy magic and would like to possibly see a fairy then say this:

“Fairy children, please come tonight and play with us, brightest blessings to the fairy. Come and worship with us tonight. Bless this rite and celebrate with us tonight”.

Say it 3x and picture the fairies coming and joining with you to celebrate.


Have faith that you will see the fairies and build their trust after you meet them. Building their trust is the key to because a lot of fairies don’t trust people easily. Always be respectful of them and kind. Enjoy your special relationship with your fairy after you meet them.

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