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A Quick Warmth Spell For When You Feel Cold


fpshHave you ever had a day or several days in a row to where it seems like you can never warm up? Did you know that there are spells that you can do to help you with warming up? The best part is this warmth spell is very simple to do and you don’t need anything with you in order to do it.

Before you start this spell find a place that you can meditate at and ideally, it should be in a room where there is no noise.

Start focusing on the heat and feeling warm all over your body.

Say this:

“Fire burning in the day and also the night, please give me the warmth my body needs and give me the light. So Mote It Be“

Repeat this until you start feeling the warmth from it. The more you repeat this simple chant then the warmer you will feel.

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