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How To Send Healing Powers To Your Pet


animal_13If your pet is sick and not feeling good then you can send healing powers to your pet and help them feel better. You can do a spell on your pet to help them get well but sending healing powers can be just as powerful.

How To Send Healing Powers To Your Pet

Picture all of the sickness and negative energy that your pet has currently and picture it leaving your pets body and flowing back to the earth. Visualize your pet with beautiful aura colors around it. Focus on positive thoughts towards your pet. Keep seeing all of the sickness leave their body and flow back to earth never to return again.

Say these words:

“Goddess, please, with your love and healing touch,

Bless our pet that we love so very much.

God, we know that the beasts is your domain,

Please, remove the sickness and heal the pain.

So mote it be!”

Continue to picture your pet being healed and say positive affirmations about your pet throughout the day.


Don’t delay seeing the vet if your pet is really sick but still, even when you go to the vet or make an appointment saying positive thoughts and sending healing energies can help with making your pet feel better faster.

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