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A Spell To Let Go of Your Baggage

how to let go of baggage

There are times in life when you have baggage that you just want to get rid of and the best time to get rid of that baggage is when there is a new moon. When you let go of the baggage in your life then you will start to feel much better and will feel the release from within. In order to let go of the baggage there are a few ingredient you will need to get first.




Black Candle


Paper Bag That Is Empty


Think about the things that you want to get rid of and write down the baggage on your paper. When you are writing these things down then picture yourself with the willingness to actually let go of them and concentrate on it. Visualize yourself with a bag that is packed and then walking out and going down a road and completely letting go of all your baggage. Once you have finished writing all of it down then put it in the envelope.

Say this chant:

how to let go of baggage“Pack your bags now and get you gone out of my life

Your time is finished completely with me now

Once you did work but you are in the wrong now

And you cannot stay here no way and no how”

“Without the baggage you have, I am moving on,

I’ll get out of this rut you put me in

So take your bags and pack them and get you gone

Don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you leave.”

So mote it be.

When the spell is complete then bury your envelope/bag or either throw it in the fireplace and continue to see things being released from you.


Think positive and know that when the door closes a new one will open.

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