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How To Dream of Your Soul Mate Spell


86934498-woman-dreamingThere are times when you want to know who your soul mate might be in life. If you find yourself longing to know who your soul mate is then this spell is exactly what you need because you will dream about your soul mate. There are a few simple ingredients that you will need to first get:


3 almonds

Milk or either almond milk

3 raisins

Teaspoon of honey


Take your almonds and raisins; put them right underneath your pillow before sleeping. Drink a nice cup of warm milk right before bed and make sure to add in the teaspoon of honey. Say the following words:

“Spirits of Union and angels of love,

Please, I ask of thee, bring a vision to me tonight,

Within my dream, allow me to see,

My soul mate when the timing is right,

So mote it be”


Info about the ingredients

The reason why almonds are used in this spell is because they represent fertility, compassion and wisdom plus prosperity. Almonds are generally great to use in certain spells for money, love and success.

Honey represents sweet success with both your social life and home plus your soul mate.

Raisins help to speed up the process of seeing your soul mate.


Think positive about seeing your soul mate in your dream. When you wake up write down everything that you remember so when you meet up with your soul mate in real life you will be able to go back and look to see how everything was accurate in your dream.

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