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How To Let Go of Negativity Between You and Your Friend


friendshipIf you want your day to go great then start it off with saying only positive spells and positive affirmations. Avoid any spells that might involve negative thinking or thoughts. This is another great way to make sure that your day goes great.

When you do spells of negativity then it can come back fast and when you least expect it. Avoiding those types of spells is always the best thing to do and more so if you are new in learning how to do spells. Remember, whatever you give out then you will get back so if you wish someone ill will or send negative thoughts towards someone then you will be opening up the door for you to receive the same thing.

Sending out spells of negativity can not only hurt the other person but it can also hurt you in many ways. Instead of thinking bad thoughts towards the other person try to first meditate and calm down. It might be difficult to calm down if you are angry but picture all of the negativity falling down to the earth and not returning. Cleanse your aura of any negative colors and cleanse the other person’s aura of negative colors. Picture them with having a beautiful aura. Forgive them for the anger and hurt that they might have caused you. Meditate and picture the two of you bonding together once again and the friendship becoming strong again.

Letting go might be difficult to do sometimes but once you let go and move on then you might be surprised as to all of the positive things that just might happen.

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