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Some Tips On Writing Spells

book of shadows

book of shadowsWhen you write your first spell it can be exciting and also you might find yourself nervous trying to make the spell perfect. The more you do it, the less nervous you’ll become and the easier things will get for you and soon, writing spells will become natural. If you are new to writing spells then here are a couple of tips for you to help you with writing spells.

Try to start off small. Overwhelming yourself with a big spell might make the process even more complicated for you and things could go wrong because of it. Starting off small is the best way to help with calming down your nerves and you have a higher chance of succeeding with the spell. Later on, you can advance to bigger spells but until then starting off small is always the best.

Before doing the spell try meditating and calming yourself down. If you are nervous about the spell say positive affirmations and try to calm down before doing it so that way your emotions won’t distract you when you are performing the spell. If the nerves continue then you might want to consider doing another spell because that spell might not be the best one for you to try.

Study and learn about the tools you are using and correspondences. This is the best way to make sure that you are doing everything properly. Don’t just focus on learning about the correspondences only but study and learn as much as you can about the tools you use in the spells, candles and just study everything in general to help you with getting better at writing spells.


There are times when you might make mistakes when writing spells. Don’t let that stop you from doing them. Just learn from your mistakes and continue to practice and remember that practice is extremely important. Always think positive when you’re doing a spell and have confidence that things will work out accordingly. Don’t forget to always record and write your spells down in your Book of Shadows.

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