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The Incense Wishing Spell


Smoke_on_Incense_stick-178781afThis spell should be done during the waxing or either when it’s a full moon. It’s a very simple spell to help with getting something that you desire.

Here are the things that you will need to do it:

A Incense Burner (Or you can use either a stick of incense) it can be the incense of your choice

Before doing this, try and meditate. Think positive about what you want to have. Picture it happening. Think good thoughts about the situation. In your mind try to cover as many details as possible. Rethink it over and over again until you find yourself in a state of knowing it will for sure happen.

When you are meditating say this chant:

Magic herbs burn in fire, please I ask of thee, bring to me the desire’s of my heart. So Mote it be.

Repeat the chant 3x and each time, continue picturing what you want.

The next day continue to say positive affirmations about what you want to have and just know that it will happen.

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