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How To Rekindle a Friendship That Is Lost


friendship-boy-and-girl-wallpaperLosing touch with a friend can be hard. You might find yourself really missing them and their friendship. Please note that this spell is not for romance but it’s for only friendship. You can easily rebuild the friendship that you have with this spell and reconnect with them.

Here is what you will need:

5 Red Rose Petals & 5 White Rose Petals

Sea Salt




Write down your full name on a paper and then write down your friends name and make sure to write the full name down if you know it. Take the salt that you have and your rose petals. You will need to dash some salt on top of the rose petals.

Start to inhale and take your index finger and point it to your paper, think of a memory that is pleasurable that both of you shared together. Repeat this:

“O Dominio, I call upon thee, angel of friendship,

Please, I ask you humbly to help let my friend and I meet again,

Give “Say your friends name” the strength to help with coming to see me,

Let them call me or text me or whatever way is best for us to communicate,

And let it rekindle our friendship and make it stronger then before

So mote it be”

Take your paper, fold it many times and then bury the paper underneath the foot of a tree that’s old.


Once you have completed the spell, have faith that the two of you will be rekindled. Say positive friendship affirmations and see yourself with them.

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