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Forgive Me Chant Spell


forgivenessArguing with your friend or breaking up can hurt a great deal. If you want forgiveness then saying this chant will help you with rekindling the friendship. When you are saying this chant; picture them forgiving you and the friendship being rekindled once again and stronger than ever before.

Chant these words:

“I’m sorry if I ever hurt you. I didn’t mean to do what I did, please I promise I will let you choose what you would actually want and let it be done that way. Will you please forgive me? My friend? “ So mote it be.

Say it until you feel peace in your heart. You can light a white candle to help with your meditation.

You can also say positive forgiveness affirmations to help you out with the process. Just know that everything will be alright and have faith that things will work out just fine. Blessed Be.


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