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Quick One liner Chant for Wisdom


wisdomThis is just a very simple one liner chant for wisdom. You can say it whenever you need some wisdom to help you out in your situation.

One liner Chant for Wisdom:

“Crone Goddess, Hecate, Please keep me completly whole and let thy wisdom completly fill up within my soul.”

When you’re saying it, picture yourself becoming wise in the situation you are in. See the wisdom flowing within you and see yourself able to do what you need. Feel free to repeat the one liner chant for wisdom 3x or more as needed. You can also light a white candle to help you with being able to concentrate more on the chant.


Think positive after you have said the chant and know that you have received the wisdom that you need. Whenever negative thoughts start coming back in again push them out right away and start saying the wisdom chant again and know, things will flow accordingly and help you out when needed.

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