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A Hot Love Spell for Singles White Magic


Please note that this love spell is white magic and it’s only for a person who is single and would like to meet the love of their life. The best time to do this spell is during the week when there is a new moon. You will need to have a few ingredients before you do this spell.

Mint-teaLove Spell Ingredients:

Red Rose Petals

3 Yellow Candles

1 White Candle

1 Glass of Mint Tea

Here is the spell:

You will need to first cast your circle. After you cast your circle take the yellow candles and put them in a triangle that is in front of you. Take the white candle then put it in the middle. You will need to spread your rose petals all around you.

Recite this love spell incantation:

“Aphrodite, goddess of love, I invoke thee,

Aphrodite, goddess of love, I invoke thee, help me with finding my soul mate,

Aphrodite, goddess of love, I invoke thee, so I can overcome all the loneliness I have,

Such is my will so mote it be”

After you have said it then take your mint tea and drink it. Blow out your candles individually and first start with the white candle.

Collect all of your rose petals and then let them dry out for at least one week. Put them between two sheets of some aluminum foil. After two weeks is completed take them and scatter them in a nearby stream or river.


Once the spell is completed continue to have faith and picture yourself with your soul mate. Say positive affirmations and know in time your soul mate will come.

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