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5 Magical Tools To Help You With Your Spells


pentagramWhen you are doing your spells sometimes it’s important that you have certain tools to help you with you are doing. These 5 magical tools happen to be just the simple ones you can get online or at your local store but they are worth investing because you never know when they might come in handy. You can use these tools at your altar or might can even use them when you are doing your meditation.

Let’s go over these 5 magical tools that can help you with your spells:

Paten or the Pentacle: This tool is one that you will find at an altar often times. It’s a magical symbol and will usually have something inscribed or engraved on it. It’s a symbol of earth and you can use it during the evocation of Earth.

Wand: The reason why a wand is often times at the altar is because it symbolizes the element of Air. There are other times when it might symbolize fire. You can make a wand with a variety of materials such as wood, rock and even metal.

Cauldron: The cauldron represents the womb of the Goddess and you will find it’s perfect to make brews or either oils in it. You can do many things with the cauldron. You can also find a variety of sizes for the cauldron anywhere from a small one to big ones so even if space is a problem you can get a small one and it’ll work the same.

Jewelry: There are some who use jewelry as a tool when they are doing a spell. Jewelry can be worn in rituals and during meditation. A pentagram necklace is extremely popular. However, you might also find rings, earrings and a variety of other jewelry related items.

wicca toolsAthame: People generally either use the athame or a sword to help them with their spells. These tools are used as a way to direct the energy for casting a magic circle and it can also help to control the spirits and it can be used for other ritual reasons.


Before doing a spell make sure that you have all of the right tools for it. Some tools can get expensive but then if you shop around you can find some cheap ones. Tools can make a huge difference when you’re doing a spell and you will notice it when you start to use them. It’s very important to get familiar with tools. You will find plenty of books that can help you such as the Simple Wiccan Magick Talismans and Witches Tools by Holly Zurich.

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