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Increase Your Patience Spell and Affirmations


patience-is-a-virtuePatience is something that we might all struggle with having sometimes. Maybe you find yourself close to losing your patience at work or maybe even struggling with patience towards a friend or relationship. If you find yourself in need of patience then this spell might be able to help you. All you will need to simply do is repeat the chant below. Please note that this chant usually will just last for about 24 hours but if you do some ritual and also say positive affirmations about patience throughout the day then you will find that it will last longer.

Patience chant:

“I have now been greatly influenced

By seething the impatience

At this stage that I am going thru in my life now

Hereby do I find the tolerance

From today until tomorrow and from

Beginning until the end

May my patience persist

So mote it be”

Slow-turtle-practicing-patienceHere are some positive affirmations to also help to increase your patience:

I accept that sometimes there are things in life that just take longer than originally planned.

Every day I grow more patient with myself but also with others both with strangers and family and friends.

Every moment of each day I find myself becoming more and more patient.

I am as patient as the turtle.

I am patient at all times.

I am always patient with myself and also with others.

I am patient with myself even if I get stuck with something.

I am a forgiving person and tolerant.

Other Tips To Help Increase Your Patience

Doing meditation is a great way to increase your patience. Meditation can relieve stress and help you with staying calm.

Be sure to take breaks throughout the day if you are having to endure a stressful work day. Sometimes just walking away from the scene for a few minutes and saying affirmations about patience can really help you.

Wear calming colors.

Listen to music that will help you with calming down your nerves. Find meditation music online or either listen to the sound of the ocean waves and nature. Listening to extremely fast or music that might have angry words in them could not only make you impatient but also depressed so be sure to only listen to calming music.


Just remember that sometimes there are situations in life that just take time. Don’t try to make it go by faster. Whenever you find yourself getting impatient then now all you need to do is just say the chant or either one of the affirmations and you will be amazed as to how much it starts to help you throughout the day and evening.

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