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How To Rekindle A Lost Friendship Spell


handshake1Losing touch with certain friends can be hard. If you are trying to figure out how you can reconnect with a friend then this is the spell you need. However, this is not the type of spell you should use for a romance that is lost. This spell is only focused on rekindling friendship that might be lost. You will find that this spell helps with rebuilding your friendship and puts you in touch with the friend that you have lost regardless of where they might be.

Here are the things that you will need to do this spell:

5 Red Rose Petals + 5 White Rose Petals

Paper plus pen

Sea Salt

Spell To Rekindle Friendship:

Write down your full name on some paper and write down your friends full name on the same paper. Get your salt and put it on the paper and get rose petals then put it on top of your paper. Take a deep breath and inhale sharply. Point your index finger to your paper and then think of a memory the two of you had that was pleasurable that you shared together.

Say this:

“I call upon, o Domino, who is the angel of friendship,

I humbly ask of you to let us meet again

Give (say your friends name) strength to come to me swiftly

And rekindle the friendship that is between us

Help make the friendship stronger then before

So mote it be”

Fold the paper that you have several times then take it and bury your paper at the foot of some old tree.


Think positive and watch it come to past.

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