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A Simple Yet Strong Motivation Spell Chant


motivationHave you ever struggled with getting motivated to do a project? Maybe you might even just have problems with getting motivated to wake up and get a move on. This motivation spell chant is a simple one but yet at the same time it is also very strong. When you are doing this spell think positive and see yourself becoming motivated.

Say the following words:

“Please let these words bring a great deal of encouragement to me and revive my interest in this moment instantly. I invoke the Higher Power among the obstacles these hours to help with awakening the motivation that is in my heart.

Let the visions of good return fast to me and once they start to return let positivity spark and light up within me. Let the strength rise up with the positivity.

It is my wish; please guide my steps, during this moment. May this incantation help with pushing me forward. So Mote it be”

You can say this anytime and you don’t need candles or other items nearby. However, having a white candle or several white candles might help with motivation and could even speed up the process.

You might even want to consider doing daily motivation affirmations such as:

“I am motivated right now.”

“I have a positive spark within me that helps to motivate me.”

You can repeat this spell chant for motivation as many times as needed but just remember to always think positive about your situation and see yourself being motivated to get things done on time.


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