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A Spell To Create Opportunity

Green Poppet

Green PoppetSometimes it can be hard waiting for that opportunity to come around that we need and other times we might not get it at all. This spell is to help push you towards the right direction with creating the opportunity that you need. Please note you will need a few items before you begin the spell. Most of the items that you need can be found online or at your local super market.

Items that you will need for this spell:

You need something that represents earth so you should have a bowl of sand.

A cloth that is green.

One needle and thread.

Vervain, Squill or dried chamomile

Cedar Incense or pen cinnamon

Honeysuckle oil or Mint

Cloth to make a poppet

What you should know before doing this spell:

In order to do this spell correctly it should be done when the moon is full. It appeals Roman Goddess Ops and she’s the deity of crops, prosperity and fertility. A poppet can also be used to help with drawing even more opportunities your way.


Take the cloth and make a poppet out of it.

Concentrate on opportunities that might be available to you and write your name down on your poppet.

Stuff the poppet with dried herbs that you have for this spell.

Take the oil and put a few drops on it.

Sew the poppet shut.

Take your incense and light it.

Hold your poppet

Say this:

“Goddess of opportunity, please bring your good fortune now speedily to me

Please guide me with your hand that’s so gentle for I am just as worthy as these grains of sand. “

Take your bowl of sand and let it trickle through your fingers so it signifies you touching earth.

Repeat this 7 times

If you would like for the spell to work continually repeat it when there is a full moon. This spell is also great to help you find a business opportunity. Keep the poppet safe in your cupboard or drawer.


Think positive when you are doing this spell and say affirmations afterwards to help. Soon you will start seeing many doors being opened and find yourself trying to decide what opportunity might be the best one for you to take.

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