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Goddess Venus and Beauty Spells


VenusIf you want to do beauty spells or love spells then you might want to call upon Goddess Venus. One thing to know is that if you travel often you will notice that she appears on many statues from around the world and can even be found on romantic greeting cards.

Goddess Venus was in love with God Vulcan. Sometimes people associated her with fruitfulness and with the gardens and that she took most of the attributes from Aphrodite. The temple for Goddess Venus was built in Lavinium and that is where a lot of people tend to follow her.

Venus actually took on a lot of incarnations and one being Genetrix. People also called her the mother of Roman civilization. When she was Venus Victrix she would assume and take on the role as a warrior. When she was Venus Felix she would then be known as the goddess of fortune. Some people also feel that Julius Caesar might have been one of the descends that was from Goddess Venus.

Goddess Venus also had a lot of love affairs just like Aphrodite and one was with Mars who is the god of war. Venus was depicted as incredible beauty and youth. She had a body that was curvy and a beautiful smile.

The next time you are working on a spell for beauty or either on a spell for love check out spells that might involve Goddess Venus. You can also find out more about Goddess Venus by reading books about her and seeing how much she can help,

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