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Find Out The Answer To Your Question By Asking A Tree


wicca2Trees have helped people out for many generations with magic. You can simply ask your tree of choice a question and then hear it answer. However, before you do this tree ritual you should know that this cannot be done when the wind is blowing. The reason why is because when the wind is blowing then there might be so many leaves trying to get your attention that you might not be able to hear your answer properly.

Here is how you ask a tree and get the answer that you need:

What you will need:

Twig or Stick


First think of the question that you would like an answer to and mediate on that question.

Find either a stick, or a twig that’s on the ground.

Carve your question into the twig or stick.

Take your stick or either your twig and hold it directly towards the beautiful sun.

Say your question out loud.


Close your eyes.


Start listening to the leaves rustling.

Let the sound of the leaves and breeze form some sort of picture in your mind.

Tip: Avoid imagining things and also avoid forcing something to happen. Let everything flow naturally.

It might take a couple of minutes before you hear something.

Be patient.

Once the leaves have told you the answer then bury the twig or stick and let it return to Mother Earth. After you walk away from the twig or stick then the answer should come to you.


Sometimes it might take longer than a couple of minutes. The main thing is just to be patient and know that you will receive your answer. It might not be the answer that you want but still think positive about the answer you receive.

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