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Spell for Professional Success


successYou can use this white magic spell for a few reasons such as getting a job, starting a brand new business and it can even help you with becoming successful in the business you are currently in. The spell is white magic but it does require a few special magical ingredients to help with making it work properly.

Ingredients for Professional Success Spell:

You will need a picture of yourself

One white candle plus 4 green candles

Find out what your astrological sign is because you will need a few drops of your astrological essential oil

10 bay leaves

Amber incense

Some type of money/note and any kind will be fine

2 beautiful green stones that are fluorite

Some kind of offering bowl

White Clothes To Wear

Tip: The list of ingredients might seem overwhelming but you can find most of them online or at you local store.


When performing this spell you will need to dress in white and you will also need to purify yourself first. Wash your hands and once you have washed your hands apply a few drops of the essential oil but mix it with a carrier oil like almond oil because a lot of oils might irritate your skin when you put them directly on your hand.

Make a circle. In order to do this take your green candles and put them at each of the cardinal points, then put the white candle directly in front of you. Put your incense to the left of your white candle. Take your stones, bay leaves, cash and your bowl. Put all of those in the bowl and put it on the right of your white candle.

Take the picture and put it in front of your candle.

Start grounding and centering yourself. Draw the circle with lighting the green candles and then with lighting the white candle. Take your incense and light it with the white candle. You will need to put a few drops of wax from the white candle on the picture you have. Take your offering bowl and put it in both of your hands. Concentrate on the picture.

Recite this three times to help with success:

“Success is coming soon now to me,

Prosperity is flowing unto me,

So mote it be”

Picture yourself becoming successful as you are reciting it.

Blow out your green candles first then blow out your white candle.

Close your circle then let the incense burn until it’s done.


Think positive after doing this spell and continue to see yourself prosperous and successful.

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