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Mirror Glamour Spell


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are times when looking beautiful and stunning is just a must. Doing a spell to help you with changing your appearance might be the thing that you need. You should do this spell during a waxing moon. After you do the spell always repeat it after every 13 days for it to work.

Here is what you will need:

Any kind of mirror

3 Pink Candles & A lighter or match

Rose essential oil


Take the rose oil and dress your pink candles. Rub the sides down with oil and use a tissue or either gloves to help with rubbing it so your skin won’t become irritated.

Take your lighter or match and light up the three pink candles. Don’t have any other candles in the room besides these three candles. Sit in front of your mirror and look deeply in the mirror. Visualize a rose colored light that is enveloping around you and start picturing your appearance changing. In your mind start seeing yourself change.

Recite this as you are seeing yourself change:

“Sacred flame, as you dance before me,

I call upon my sacred glance.

Call upon my second sight,

Give me “put in your wishes here of how you want to look”

With your light and blessings.

Oh, blessed flame that is shinning bright,

Give me now my second sight.

Power of three, let them see, let them see,

It is now done. So Mote it Be.”


Don’t forget that you will want to repeat this spell every 13 days so that way it is consistent. However, if you end up missing a day you will need to start again the next time there is a waxing moon. Think positive when you are doing the spell and know that it is working.

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