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3 Animal Protection Spells


black-catIt’s important that you protect your animal correctly. It doesn’t matter if they stay in with you or go out often. When you put a protection spell around them then you will feel much more at ease about whatever they do because you know they are safe and protected because of your spell.

Here are 3 animal protection spells that you can do to protect your animal from harm.

Animal Blessing Protective Spell Number One:

You will need: Blessed Water or either Holy Water

Say the following three times:

“Bast of grace and beauty,

Protectress of all the animal race,

Shield my pet/pets (name your pets) from all harm and hurt,

Keep my animal warm and safe always,

Watch over my pet (name your pet/pets) from day to day and at night,

If my pet goes stray, grant them happiness and keep them safe but please bring them back to me in due time,

Let my pet have a life that is stress free and no strife” So Mote It Be

When you say the spell drip only one drop of the blessed water on the forehead of your pet.

Animal Protection Spell Number 2:

What you will need:

A couple of green candles

One white candle

A picture of your animal

Consecrated water and salt

Protection oil

Favorite treat that your pet likes

What to do:

Take your two green candles and light them.

The candles represent the conscious of what is going on in regards to the conservation issues that’s in your animal.

Take your white candle and light it because it represents the animal that is concerned or that you want to protect.

Take your picture and the white candle then say:

“Spirit of fire burning bright, give protection to my pet this night (name your pet)

The moon above for this pet please provide shelter and keep them safe from harm

Draw close all spirits of the same as my pet come hither, come hither. Power of the wild and of strength that is so great please help to defend and protect the fate of my pet, so mote it be.”

To finish the spell give the treats to your pet or either scatter them outside for other animals to enjoy having.

Animal Protection Spell Number 3

Sometimes you need to do a protection animal spell but you might not have any items to do the spell. This spell does not require anything except a quiet room to concentrate.

Here is what you do:

Close your eyes and picture a white light around your pet. Say this:

“My pet is protected right now and safe. No harm or sickness can come to my pet” So Mote it be. Say it 3x .

If your pet is astray then say this:

“My pet is astray right now Goddess so please keep my pet safe from all harm. Let my pet quickly find his/her way back to me. So Mote it be” Say it 3x and picture your pet returning back to you safe and happy.


After you do the spells or affirmations think positive about your pet and know now that your pet is safe from all harm.

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