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How To Become An Advanced Witch


witchThere are some spells that often times require a lot of power in order to cast them. This is where becoming an advanced witch will help you. There are certain steps that you need to take in order to become advanced in this area and it’s something that does not happen overnight.

In order to become a witch that is not only advanced but extremely powerful then what you need to work on first is concentration and meditation. No matter what spell you are working on at the moment be dedicated to it. Don’t let any distractions get in the way. On top of that, you need to become extremely dedicated with witchcraft.

Start training your will with falling in love with the things that you might like to do. One example is not everyone enjoys reading. If you don’t like to read then try to read for around 30 minutes to 1 hour each day. In time, increase how long you read. The same might go with food or something that you don’t like to eat. Let’s say that you don’t like broccoli. Start trying to add it in your daily diet and eat some of it every day. Picture yourself liking the food and appreciating it. All of this requires a great deal of concentration, dedication and effort. This will help you with your spells.

All advanced witches have learned what it takes to concentrate when they are doing their spells. Another way to help out with your concentration is by sitting in a room, put your focus on just one item or sound. Don’t distract yourself and break your focus. Do this for about 5 minutes for the first time and then start to increase your concentration. Each time you do this increase your time and you’ll find that you can even do this for one hour or even longer.

Say positive affirmations such as:

“I am able to concentrate on all of the spells that I do”

“I am a powerful witch”

“People see me as a powerful witch”

“I am able to clearly focus today on the spells I do”


Just remember that everything does take both time and practice. Don’t give up when you’re just starting out. Sometimes it can take several years to accomplish the goals that you have with becoming a powerful witch.

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