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A Spell To Bring Abundance In Your Life


101520-253x282-GoodluckcandlespellThere are times when we might need to do something extra to help with bringing abundance in our life and one great way is with doing a spell. Sometimes these abundance spells work fast and other times the spells work slow but always think positive when you do the spell regardless as to how long it might take for them to work.

Here are the items you will need for this abundance spell:

1 white candle plus a holder for the candle

1 pen but make sure that it is green

1 lodestone that you might have to buy online because it’s a certain type of magnet

Tip: This type of spell is best performed during the waxing moon phase. You can do this spell during other moon phases but it works out better during this phase.


Get comfortable before doing this spell.

Take your candle but don’t light it up right now.

Hold it in your hands and concentrate on the gift of abundance.

Take your pen and write the word abundance on one side of the palm then write the word prosperity on the other side.

When doing this spell it is important to not worry about any troubles you might have with money at this time.

Make sure that your thoughts are positive.

Pick up your lodestone right before your candle then light up the wick.

You can then take your hands and put them on one side of the candle of your choice. Make sure that your palms remain open plus that they are upwards.

Shut your eyes then visualize abundance flowing in an unlimited way directly into your hands.

Repeat this as many times as you would like: “I magnetize both abundance and prosperity daily in my life. So mote it be”

Don’t burn the candle out but let the candle burn out naturally.

Now you’re done with the spell.


Throughout the day say positive affirmations that will help you whenever you start to feel down. Don’t let any negative thinking get in the way of your abundance and prosperity. You deserve this.

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