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Wicca Health Potion Spell

moringa leaves

moringa leavesThere are times that a spell is the best way to help your health and build up your immune system. You should try and take care of your health throughout the year but sometimes it can be difficult and that’s why doing a Wicca health spell can greatly help you. This type of spell is best done right before you have your breakfast because you will need to brew up a potion.

You don’t need a cauldron to do this but here is what you do need:

1 cup of lemon juice

2 cups of just regular drinking water

1 gram of Moringa leaves crushed

1 tablespoon of brown sugar

A small sprinkle of some mint

1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil

How To Prepare The Health Potion:

Mix all of your ingredients in together by just using a regular mixing pot.

After you have mixed them pour it in either a glass or cup.

Before you drink the potion you need to recite this health spell:

“On this day today I live on given time, to you, I give oh must Divine

For strength and health to live this day, may your spirit be mind. Blessed Be.”

Once you have completed the casting then drink the brewed potion. You will be amazed as to how healthy you will feel the rest of that day. You can do this Wicca spell daily to ensure your health will always be great.

Tip: Before drinking from the glass, bless your glass.


This is a very easy potion to do. However, you still might want to consider other ways to help with boosting up your immune system such as eating healthy vegetables and fruit plus getting enough rest to ensure that this potion works properly.

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