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How To Find Your Wiccan Name

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wicca name tagA lot of Wiccans have a secret soul name that they only use in rituals. This soul name is their magical name. The name is also thought of to hold a power that is greater and can encapsulate your true essential self because it is your own true name.

Once you know your personal true name then you will be able to know a lot about yourself. It is because of this that the Wiccan name is secret and sacred and only divulged to those who are held within perfect trust and love and usually his only means telling people within your circle.

You will find many myths and tales about the Power of naming that is in almost all cultures and even in tales such as Rumplestiltskin you will find just how powerful of a name that is and how it suits her.

People can spend months and even years trying to decide a baby name that they consider is perfect. After people pick out a pet name it often times tells much about the animal plus it also tells a lot about the pet owner.  A lot of traditions talk about the power that goes into names including the Bible.

When you give something a name it helps to identify it. After it has an identity then you know a few things about that person or item. To know more about yourself is actually considered a source of immense power and can greatly help you in your spiritual walk.

It is more like a commandment that you should “know thyself” instead of it being just a command. After you know more about yourself then you will begin to know and understand God. In order to do this then you must name yourself first.

Speech happens to be a tool that’s very powerful and magical. When you say your name it’s almost like saying a positive affirmation about yourself. The energy can move with you and if someone else says your name then it can move within the two of you. The universe starts to shift and help you with becoming that person.

Wiccan names also are powerful because when you say them you are conscious and you personally invoke the name. After you chose your Wiccan name then you create more of a Divine Essence and this helps you to align yourself with the great Divine and you will have more magical powers after you access it. Therefore, to know your magical name helps you with getting in touch with magickal power that is incredible and like you have never experienced before.


Take time choosing your magickal  and don’t rush into it. Remember, others will get to know you by this name and it’s something that you can grow eventually grow into once you start aging. Your Wiccan name has a great deal of power behind it and once you know it, you will be amazed as to how much you start to grow.

After you have found your name you can also write it down in your Book of Shadows and the date that you discovered your name so that way you will always remember it.



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