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How To Bless Your Book of Shadows


Celtic_Moon_book_of_shadows_2Having a Book of Shadows is great. It can be a great way to keep track of anything that you do. However, one way to help with making sure that this book does not become like other books is by blessing it. Blessing your book is easy and it will also make you feel much better about writing in your book once you have done it. Here are a couple of recommended blessings for your Book of Shadows.

One of the blessings for your book of shadows is known as the Elemental Blessing. Before you start this blessing you will need to get four candles and your book of shadows. Here are the candles that you need to get:

Blue candle that represents water

Red candle that represents fire

White candle that represents air

Green or brown candle that represents the earth

The candles should all be the same size so this way they burn out at around the same time.

Here are the steps that you should take:

Put your candles by each corner of the Book of Shadows. The brown/green one should be facing north, the red candle should be south, the white candle in the East and the blue should be in the west corner.

Light the candles and as you light each candle say this:

“By the north, bless this book with the power of the Earth

By the south, bless this book with the power of fire

By the west, bless this book with the power of water

By the east, bless this book with the power of air”

Keep the book there and the candles until all of the candles are burned out. Once the candles have burned out your Book of Shadows is blessed and you can now use it.

Here is another way to bless your Book of Shadows

You will need:

Your Book of Shadows

White Candle

A Pen that’s of high quality

This is what you do:

Right before the clock strikes midnight, turn the lights off and light up your white candle.

Take your Book of Shadows so that you can see it near the candle.

Write out this blessing:

“Goddess, can you please protect my Book of Shadows

From wondering eyes and from prying looks,

Fill it up with your special ancient power

At this nightly witching hour. So mote it be”

Read the words out loud and say it a few times until you feel confident that the book is blessed and ready for you to use it.


Keep the Book of Shadows in a place that is safe. Put it in a special keep safe wooden box or either find a place in your bedroom that no one goes thru and keep it there. Your Book of Shadows is a tool that’s sacred and personal and you’ll find yourself using it often so keep it tucked away to help with making sure that you know it’s always safe.

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