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Wicca Candle Color Magic Guide

Wicca Candle Magic

Wicca Candle MagicWorking with candles and colors can greatly help any spell or ritual. You have to first understand the meaning behind the colors of the candles before you are able to figure out what one works best for whatever you might be doing. This is a simple Wicca candle color magic guide to help you with understanding what some of the colors mean and how you can use them.

The color brown is used for: comfort, animals, home, security, hesitation, centering, uncertainty, neutrality and it can also be used to invoke the Earth. Gaia, Danu and Dagda are the deities of the brown candles.

The color Indigo is used for: being able to go into deep relaxation, helping you to sleep and it invokes righteous spirits for when you might need to do some work that’s good. Brigid is the deity of the indigo candle.

The color gold is used for: sun magic, generosity, wealth and for prosperity. Deity of gold candles – Lugh, Pwyll, Balor.

The color of silver is used for: stalemate, cancellation, Intuition, dreams and for neutrality.

The color dark blue is used for: changeability, Impulsiveness, to create confusion and for depression.

The color green yellow is used for: discord, jealousy, sickness, anger and for cowardice.

The color blue black is used for: broken bones, wounded pride and for angelic protection.

The color dark purple is used for: calling on the power of ancient ones, runes, sigils and for the government.

The color red is used for: strength, sexual love, health, physical energy, courage, vitality, passion, protection and for creativity.

The color light red is used for: non sexual deep affections involving nature.

The color pink is used for: romance, morality, love, friendship, relaxation, compassion, binding magic, young females and for relaxation.

The color orange is used for: energy, endurance, general attraction, assertiveness, encouragement, to seal a spell, stimulation and for adaptability.

The color yellow is used for: confidence, communication, intellect, divination, communication, travel, eloquence, happiness, self esteem, happiness, attraction, movement, healing and for persuasion.

The color blue is used for: protection.

The color green is used for: employment, honey, prosperity, growth, finance, nurturing love, healing, agriculture, luck and for invoking the Goddess of regeneration.

The color mint green is used for: financial gains.

The color light green is used for: to help with improving the weather.

The color light blue is used for: psychicism, healing, patience, peace, inner peace, happiness, friendship, understanding, young men, tranquility and for protection of new buildings.

The color purple is used for: spirituality, healing severe disease, power, religion, inner power, business progress, tension, meditation and for ambition.


These are just some of the colors available that you can work with when you’re doing your spells or rituals. It’s still a good idea to do more research and find out what other colors are available. When you use color candle magic don’t forget to write it down in your book of shadows.

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