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Patchouli Is Popular with Wicca and Used For Many Things


PatchouliPatchouli is a herb which is very popular with Wicca and used in most of the Pagan modern rituals. The scent is exotic and can help with places that are magical and it can be used for ritual workings, potpourri and can help with being able to incense blends. It is part of the mint family and because it’s part of the mint family many use it because of the dried leaves plus they use it for essential oils. There are other practitioners who might use Patchouli for stems.

Once the plant is grown then it can reach up to around 3 feet tall and the plant becomes covered in white purplish flowers that look very beautiful. The scent that comes from Patchouli is musky and deep and it’s also associated with one of the earth’s elements.

Patchouli is also associated with wealth, love and can be used in a variety of workings that are magical. You can use this magical herb to help with making someone feel attracted to you and you can also wear it as a special oil to help attract them. The oil is very strong so you’ll always want to make sure that it is diluted before wearing it. Another idea is that you can get the leaves from Patchouli and put them in a nice sachet then carry the sachet around your neck or pocket.

There are some hoodoo traditions and some traditions with folk magic that if you take a dollar sign that’s inscribed on just one piece of paper and use Patchouli oil then carry that paper around with you in your wallet and purse then this can help with attracting money your way.

Patchouli has also been used in modern magic as a way to repel power. Just anoint either windows or doors with the Patchouli oil or you can take the leaves and scatter them and this helps with making sure that any influences which are negative stay away from you and it’s a great way to do self-defense magically.

You can use a variety of essential oil blends that can help with bringing in protection, love and other properties that might be associated with it. Some of the things that you can do with the oils include:

- Blessing Oil

- Protection Oil

- Money Oil

If you want to combine the Patchouli dry leaves and mix them with other herbs and use them as a wonderful incense burner then here are some things that you can do with it:

- It’s a wonderful Summer of love incense

- Samhain spirit incense

- Beltane fire incense


So, now you to bring out the Patchouli and use it if you need to attract more money in your life or if you need a strong protection oil.

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