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Understanding and Working with Animal Familiars

Animal Familiar

Animal FamiliarShamans and witches all have familiar spirits. A lot of the modern Pagans and Wiccans believe that the only familiar spirit that you can have is with a real animal while that is true you can also have familiar spirits which are plants, minerals and allies. You don’t need to be a shaman or a witch in order to have a familiar spirit.

Ordinary people can have animal familiars and those familiars can help them throughout life and guide them. It might not aid them in their magical powers but it can help with giving them wisdom in a situation that is troublesome and provide knowledge to help with overcoming that situation.

Situations change daily and because of it sometimes we might need to have more than one animal familiar. It is possible that you can have even up to ten animal familiars. Don’t forget that the familiar spirit might include plants, minerals and other things. The spirits of the dead could also even help you.

How Animal Familiars Can Help You

Animal familiars can help with teaching you how to live in true harmony with your own body and also how to help your environment around you. They can help with teaching you to know when you might be in danger and provide details as to how you can get out of a situation that could hurt you. They can even help you with being able to travel between different worlds.

If your animal familiar shows you something a couple of times then listen carefully and try to see what all they might be telling you. Keep in mind that just because you see something more than once that it might not mean the same thing. Write down what your familiar might be showing you so that way you won’t forget it.

Acquiring Animal Familiars

You do not select your animal familiar because they are the ones that select you personally. A lot of people wish that their familiar might be a wolf, lion, bear or a fox but often times this does not happen. When you have a true hereditary of shamanism or witchcraft then sometimes your animal familiar is inherited from a person that is dying in your family and you can call out that familiar to help you.

The animal might not appear in your own home or place of business or in a city with a lot of other creatures that might be domesticated. You also don’t have to go out on a vision question in order to acquire one and you don’t need to spend your precious energy trying to look for one. However, if you really want to look for your familiar then you need to go and experience true nature. Get away from the city life and away from blaring music but it’s still recommended to wait for them to come to you.

Sometimes when you are thinking about your animal familiar often you might start having dreams of many animals or just one. Just because you dream about the animal familiar does not mean it is actually yours. You have to see them first before your own eyes in order for them to be yours.


Give it time. Don’t get upset if you don’t see one right away. Animal familiars can also sometimes change throughout life depending on your situation. When you do start to see yours or see a new one just keep an open mind and again, it’s so important to listen carefully to what they are telling you.


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