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How To Write Your Own Spell

how to write your own spell

Please know before I begin to explain how to write your own spell that I fully believe that using other spells that people write is fine and many of them can be trusted. However, there are just times when using your own personal spell is the best thing to do. Writing your own spell might sound complicated but it’s actually simple.

How To Write Your Own Spell

il_340x270.453460437_8mxlWhat are you trying to accomplish with your spell? Figure out the intent or the goals that you have. Do you want a raise at work? Do you want a lover in your life? Whatever it is that you want always be clear with it and be confident that you will get whatever type of spell you are doing.

A lot of spells require you to use certain candles and other spells might not so it is important to figure out what type of materials you need to have ahead of time. Research magical ingredients and materials to see what materials might be the best for you to use. Sometimes you might need to use your imagination if you are unable to find what it is that you need. You might even consider using hardware, movies and even toys to help you with your spell. Other times you might also need to oils and essence.

You will also need to review as to what time you need to do the spell. There are some spells to where the timing of it is vital and if you make a mistake with the timing then things could go wrong for you. You can do destructive or negative magic in the waning phase but if you want something positive then you should do that during the waxing moon. Study the moons and know what type of moon phase will work best with your spell.

Most spells require verbalization or some sort of chant. Usually it requires calling upon the Gods and asking for their assistance. Figure out what you need to say ahead of time. Sometimes the chants turn out to be very poetic.

Put all of these steps together in a form that is workable. Review it closely and see if everything flows together. Make changes accordingly and keep an open mind about the spell you’re working on until you are satisfied with it. Write down your spells and your progress in the Book of Shadows you have in order to help you with keeping up with it.

What To Do After You Cast The Spell

Once you have completed the spell and cast it then you must wait. If you don’t see some sort of manifestation take place within 28 days which is a full lunar month then you might need to revisit the spell and see if things need to be changed or recast it.


Whenever you do the spells try your best to visualize it happening. Saying positive affirmations about the spell can help. If you are in doubt over your spell then talk with someone who has experience in writing spells to help you figure out what you need to do with your spell. Always remember this: “Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it!”

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