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3 Snow Storm Spells

wicca snow spells

There are a lot of spells that you can do to create snow storms. However, if you want these spells to work then the sky must have the clouds in them already to help with the snow storm and this is not something that magic can do. If you do cast these spells without having the proper cloud covering then the spell could implode and have a very devastating effect on both your mind and body so please be careful if you do decide to do these snow storm spells and make sure that you double check the weather forecast.

wicca snow spellsSpell One – How To Make a Blizzard:

This is one of the easiest spells ever because you don’t even need any magical items to perform this spell but it’s very powerful. If you want to spend time at home or would like to take a few days off from work then a blizzard might be exactly what you need. Here is what you need to say:

“Oh, Goddess of the cold could you please be so kind and send us some more snow. What would be nice to have is a blizzard, so make it as cold as ice. So mote it be”.

You can repeat it a couple of times if you needed but it might not be necessary because of the power that’s behind the chant. There you go. Told you it was simple.

Spell Two: How to have a snow day spell:

You need to have one black candle.

Know ahead of time the day that you want it to snow. Take the candle and light it the night before.

After you light up the candle then recite this three times: “Goddess Hecate, I call upon thee, please help me with making tomorrow a snow day, so mote it be.”

Whenever you decide to use this spell make sure that you use a new candle each time. Don’t use it to be lazy but use it to help you with catching up on things at home. If you use this spell for the wrong reasons it could backfire, so you have been warned.

Spell Three: One of the easiest snow storm spells ever:

This spell is very similar to the blizzard but instead it helps with creating enough snow to help you with missing out on work or help you with missing college.

All you need to do is simply chant this:

“Goddess Hecate, please let it snow, let it snow. Let it settle and let it fall. Don’t let it melt away over night. Let it snow, let it snow. Let it settle and let it fall. Don’t let it melt away over night. So Mote it be. “

Picture the snow falling down and it being there when you wake up the next day.


Most snow storm spells don’t require much. You just need to picture it happening and think positive then know that you will benefit from the snow storm spells. Enjoy your snow day.

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