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How To Know When You Are Under A Magical Attack


wiccan_white_pentagram_reversed_117135When you’re learning Wicca what you need to learn about is magical attacks and to know when you’re under one. A magical attack is when a hex or curse is designed in such a way so that everything goes bad for you or either it seems that way. There are times when all you need to do is just change your lifestyle in order to change your path. Here are some questions to think about to see if you’re under a magical attack.

Have you made someone upset or angry recently?

Is the person that you made upset have knowledge that’s magical and might put harmful spells on you?

Is the curse or hex just happening to you personally?

When the answer to these questions is yes then that’s how you know you are under attack with a curse or with being hexed. When this happens then you need to immediately start taking measures to protect yourself.

Divination is a great way to help with being able to determine if you are a victim of either a curse or hex. Just remember that the outcome might be reflected on your own personal worries and fears. Someone who is not aware of your concerns should help with the divination.

Next, you need to focus on furthering yourself from the mischief that is happening to you and then get started on removing the hex or curse. Here are some ways to do this:

A magic mirror is one way to bounce off the curse or hex and send it back to the sender.

Make either a poppet or doll to help with taking your damage.

Start working on removing all influences in your life that are negative.

Use chakra healing, reiki, meditation and other types of energy works to help with lifting the spell.

Tips on General Protection

Apply a shield method. Draw a shell around yourself to help protect you from harm. This can be done by casting a circle of protection or either with charging a talisman or amulet or other magical items that can help protect you. If you do cast a circle you will need to recharge it sometimes.

You can also protect your vehicles and property. Put a magical barrier or either a circle around the yard and the things that you have and plus your car and even shield your computer and desk area at home and at work to help.

There are also lots of herbs plus crystals and gemstones which you can either wear or have on you daily to help with protecting yourself from a magical attack.


Make sure that you protect yourself daily and if you feel you’re under attack and might need help then seek professional help from someone who has had years of experience in this area and knows what they are doing. Don’t put off warding off negative spirits and energy around you. Saying positive affirmations daily can also help with getting rid of negative energy.

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